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Bar B Loop
One of the Moab Brand Trails
Connection to the Killer B downhill

The Bar B Loop is part of the Moab Brand Trail system, located a few miles north of Moab. The Bar B loop itself is only 2.5 miles in length, but the shortest ride using this trail will be about 10.5 miles.

View east from the Bar B, Arches National Park lies on the horizon. Photos and write-up by Bruce, April 2009.

Including the climb on the Bar M, there will be 500 vertical feet of climbing. The western half of the Bar B has some short sections of advanced-technical riding.

The Bar B trail climbs the bluff as it snakes away from the Bar M loop.

You get to the Bar B by riding counterclockwise on the Bar M loop. At the far southern end of Bar M, the Bar B begins as a narrow singletrack climbing the bluff. (The Bar B is designed to be ridden counterclockwise.) Singletrack gives way to up-and-down riding as singletrack rolls over rock outcrops.

There are views in all directions. As the trail turns on top of the bluff, you have an endless look south, east, and north.

About a mile along the Bar B, there's a short section of highly technical descent through a rock garden. It's not that hairy if you know the right lines. But the first time through, as you slow and look around searching for where the trail goes, it's an invitation to endo. After this section, it's back to narrow dirt singletrack.

Trail section (the rock path lower left to upper right).

At the southern end of the Bar B loop, the Killer B downhill route branches off to the right. You'll climb over the ridge on doubletrack, then head back on smooth doubletrack that becomes a slickrock path along the edge of the bluff.

Another section of trail, heading west downhill.

Once you arrive back at the Bar B's beginning, you can continue with the Bar M loop, or you can turn right and ride the Rockin A over to the Circle O.

View north on the return portion of the Bar B. The ride follows the break between sandstone and mountain.

Riding notes, Bar M to Bar B counterclockwise:
0.0   Exit parking, turn right and ride south
0.7   Pass Gemini underpass, keep straight
1.7   Fork L (leave 191)
2.3   Fork R (L = Bar M shortcut)
2.9   Keep straight (Bar M loops to L)
        After 100 feet, fork R on ST
        (You'll return to this same spot)
        Begin Bar B!
4.0   Technical section
4.3    Fork L uphill on DT
         (R = descend Killer B)
4.8    Keep L (R = to walk-through into Arches)
5.4    Back at Bar M, keep straight
         (option: fork R into Rockin A)
10.5  Back at parking

View of typical trail on the western half of the loop. Up and down as you roll over rocks.

Getting there: From the I-70 exit, drive south on US-191 for 22 miles. From Moab, drive 7 miles north from the Colorado River on 191. When you see the Gemini Bridges parking area, look for a gravel road on the opposite side (east, away from the cliffs). Turn onto the gravel road and immediately go right, then right again into the parking area. GPS N 38 39.38' W 109 40.66'. The trail starts by riding the gravel road either north or south. Our ride description assumes you'll ride south out of the parking lot, counterclockwise on the Bar M.

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