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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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The final race of the 2014 Utah Cyclocross season was held on the new track at the Draper Bike Park. On a warmish Saturday, December 6th, our UMB CX racers enjoyed dry trail. The race was held at the Equestrian Center on Highland Blvd in Draper. The course was in the oak brush surrounding the skills area of the bike park.

Mike Engberson sprints up the stairs.

The course was 1.6 miles per lap. This most "mountain bike-ish" of CX venues offered a mix of broad dirt trails, narrow sprints, and twisting singletrack in the trees. No more "endless miles" along the railroad tracks..

Geek bonus:  GPX track of race loop for download
                     Higher-res printable view of Bike Park w CX loop

Enclosed within the loop are the skills area (green), pump track (yellow) and the flow trails (orange trails east of the pump track).

After a quick sprint on the pavement alongside Highland Drive, the course went over the traditional dirt bump, then dropped down into singletrack as it ducked under the flyover.

Rick Morris rounds the turn toward the flyover. Given the nature of this course, Rick's choice of weapons was his XC racing Scalpel. At trailside, cheerleader Adam Reynders shouts encouragement.

After climbing back up the hill, there was a short sprint to get enough speed to get up the steep ramp of the flyover.

Rick grunts the last few feet to the platform at the top.

Now the trail ran into two stretches of narrow tree-lined singletrack, first downhill along the creek then back up.

Next, head for the pond and the slippery slag on the west side.

Mark Messer sprints through the gambel oak.

In addition to the usual tight off-camber turns, racers enjoyed railing the high berms of the speed turns.

Nice berms! Rail that sucka!

Now it was time to climb back to the top of the hill via a long stairway.

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Dallin Hatch hoofs up the hill.

The lap then hit a long stretch of dirt bumps. Make your move and pass -- if you can keep the bumps from flipping you over the bars. 

Next a quick meander on singletrack at the western end of the loop before heading back to the start-finish zone on the pavement.

Looking down the speed bumps.

A few more photos of our UMB racing peeps...         Thanks, Sally!  [ More pics of the UMB team at Draper ]
Christian Burrell Corey Spencer Dallin Hatch
Jason Sparks Joe Benson John Twitchell
Mark Messer Rick Morris Shane Horton Team Results

Masters 55-plus
   Rick Morris 6th
   Joe Benson 9th
Masters 45-plus
   Jason Sparks 4th
Men 35-plus C
   Christian Burrell 14th
   Corey Spencer 18th


Men B
   Dallin Hatch 8th
   Bryan Cooper 4th
   John Twitchell 5th
Men 35-plus B
   Shane Horton 8th
   Mark Messer 9th
   Mike Engberson 15th

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