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Photo:  Zen Trail

EZ Breezy -- Alpine's first directional flow trail
The fun new trail through upper Big Hollow is now open for riding! Reached via Bodily Harm just off the Three Falls Fort Canyon section. Option for little loops once you're there, can be part of a big loop through the north Alpine trail system.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

New Parley's Pointe BST section is open
Great trail heading north from Parley's Canyon. Not a cruiser -- it has a surprising amount of climbing. Fun stuff with great views of the valley (inversion allowing). Already lots of dogs and hikers on the northern end.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

Manti Race Loop and Gunnison Reservoir Trails!
Some very nice riding west of Gunnison Reservoir. But you'll never find it on your own, so pay attention to the "Getting There" section of my ride review.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

H Trail and East Bench Preserve
I'd ignored this tiny bit of trail because I thought nobody outside the neighborhood would be interested. But I was there, so why not ride it? I still don't think you'll want to ride this, but if -- like me -- you're right there sitting on your bike, here's the story.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

Nung'wu Poa (Paiute Trail)
There's a mile of new trail, with some rough edges, on the hill above the Virgin River in Springdale. Here's the info.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Iron Springs and the M&M Loop have a new video
There's now a five-minute video embedded on the Iron Springs trail page to show you how much fun this trail is! Hand-built singletrack XC trail starts at the new Iron Springs Resort. Iron Springs climbs to the Petrified Whales Loop, with M&M as a big side-loop on the way. DH flow trails too!  Trail page...  Update in October for page published in August 2021. 

Toe Trail in Ivins
A bit over a mile of absolutely flat cindered trail on top of a flood-control dike, plus two bits of singletrack at the eastern end. Nice for very young kids and adults who are brand new to bike riding. Of little interest to most mountain bikers. Heavily used by locals for their morning exercise.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Newest trail (and a video) for the Beaver Bench trail system
Brand-new BLM trails at the mouth of Beaver Canyon. An eastern loop is now complete, making around 8 miles of nice trail in the pinion and juniper! Nice easy riding with the Sage Advice lariat loop, the eastern loop, and two DH flow trails. Still waiting to learn the other trail names!   Trail page...  October 2021. 

New Hot Lava Loop trail at Glenwood Hills
Here's a nice 3.7 mile loop option off the main Glenwood Hills race loop. Done together, it creates a single 8.6 mile loop ride with swoopy fun riding and great views.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Cottonwood Kids Loop at Pahvant
Newest addition to the Pahvant system at Richfield: an easy 1.7 mile loop at the far north end of the system, specifically made for true beginners and kids. The northern (Kiln) trailhead is now official, with a bike repair kiosk.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Lost Lad
This downhill trail between SLC and Bountiful is lots of fun, but is for experts. Not just for the downhill part, though. There's some steep climbing required to get to the top.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Carpe Diem!
This trail is a weird mix. And it still has some rough edges. Maybe you'll love that. And even if you don't, there's lots of other good stuff to love on this ride. Carpe Diem is a two-way, but you absolutely should ride it downhill.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Trail Yeah!
Nice 3.2 mile loop with fun aspen swooshing and great views. Located off the Sunrise trail at Powder Mountain, so your ride will be around 10 miles to experience this trail.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Sunrise -- and Doctor's Dozen update
The completion of the Sunrise trail (replacing the old Hidden Lake Lodge trail) adds a bunch of great riding options to Powder Mountain. It's not just Brim, Stupid.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Popperton Park
This is a tiny trail loop in the Avenues area of Salt Lake. It's super easy to ride. Popperton is the perfect trail for young kids, or for getting that timid relative onto a mountain bike for the first time!   Trail page...  September 2021. 

19th Avenue trail
This lovely new three-mile downhill flow trail lies above the Bonneville Shoreline in northeast Salt Lake. You'll like it. Also, some sections of the BST in City Creek and the Avenues have been rebuilt.  It's a good reason to hit this area again.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

I Street Bike Park
Jump lines above the avenues. This is the wildest, most chaotic trail layout I've ever come across. But who cares? You're here to jump. Keep doing it, and you'll figure out the trail layout eventually.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

City Creek and Avenues Bonneville Shoreline Trail update!
If you haven't been here for a couple of years (and who doesn't enjoy playing in Salt Lake traffic just to ride a foothill trail), things are changing. Like new bench-cuts and one-way trails. Adequate trail signs are still missing, so ride prepared. Here's an update to the BST from City Creek to Dry Gulch.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Hell Canyon - Ensign Peak trail
On the northern tip of the Salt Lake Valley, this route starts on a busy road and climbs to Ensign Peak. There's the option of a climb to the BST, with many using this route to reach DH trails such as Lost Lad or Tio Bob's.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Cutler's Twist
This is some buttery smooth singletrack. Although technically a two-way, it's an awesome downhill flow trail with banked turns and high-speed riding. A couple of stunts and lots of nice trail.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Finally made it to the Traildemic trail
Can you guess the year that a trail named "Traildemic" was built? Not new-new, but still new. I describe a loop ride of Traildemic and the Bicentennial trail, located in North Fork Park in Ogden Valley.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Expanded info -- and new trail-cut -- on the Cutler Flat Loop ride!
The old lariat loop was a pretty brutal ride. Still a bit of work. But it's been made way more plush, with some nice banked flow trail and an extension of the downhill ST. Here's my updated trail report.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Timpanogos Wildlife Management Area re-opens!
Following the fire in October 2020, the Timp WMA was closed. The process of replacing burned trail signs and repairing damage continues, but the area was declared open for mountain bikes at the end of July. Note that trail names have changed, and many "social trails" have been eliminated. See my specific trail pages, via links on this general-info area page.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Iron Springs DH flow trails
On the south slope of Three Peaks are three one-way engineered descending routes. Climbing options include the main Iron Springs trail to Three Peaks, or a direct climb via ATV track. Details in my most-excellent trail review.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Upper Zion Trail System
Located just outside the eastern entrance to Zion National Park, these trails range from easy to high-expert. Still some finishing touches going on but legal to ride now.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Tom's Canyon! Very fun loop on the edge of Kanab
Narrow twisting and dipping singletrack on the skirts of the cliffs, runs around a small valley starting at the last homes of northeast Kanab.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Steamboat Mountain Trail in Springdale
Short singletrack along the northern edge of Springdale, just outside Zion National Park. In case you're stuck there with a bike and an overpowering need for dirt.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Tombstone and Bone Yard in Iron Hills!
Super-techy riding for those looking for a challenge. Tombstone is one long rock-garden of a climb for anyone who's ever complained about "dirt sidewalks", and Bone Yard is a double-black descent that's a lot of fun!   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Lava Link trail at Cedar City
An upper mountain link from Lava Flow to the top of Elevate and Black Ops. Nice loop ride options, and access to expert-tech loop of Tombstone and Bone Yard.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Peacemaker Trail links Porcupine, Longview, and Peakview
This new one-mile trail sits at the top of Longview. Left takes you to Porcupine (for a short loop on Achtung Baby) and right takes you uphill to Peakview near the Jacob's Ladder connector. Good stuff; you'll like it.    Trail page...  July 2021. 

Valhalla Trail!
New route in northern Cedar City connects the Thunderbird trails to the 13th Hole loop. Still pretty loose and sloppy, so you could be forgiven if you waited until it gets packed down.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Nebo Summit Trail
Most of this trail has been re-cut, so it's now friendlier to mountain bikes (it used to suck). Great views, cool forested riding at elevation. Brutal if you ride the whole thing out-and-back. (But you can do a pleasant 8-mile out-and-back on the upper end.) Can be done as a shuttled ride, or a loop via pavement.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Southview Skills Track at Cedar City
This is an easy and non-stressful spot for kids to ride with their not-so-expert parents. Not like the big and exciting bike park at St George! Nothing scary.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Milky Way to the top of Skyridge
Here's a fun and scenic new out-and-back ride above Jordanelle Reservoir. The trail page also covers the Oh Deer Flow trail from the same trailhead.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

The Pine Forest trail and the lower Payson Pipeline
Pine Forest and the Pipeline make a quick ride in lower Payson Canyon. Located just uphill and across the road from Forebay.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

New trailhead and new trails at Forebay in Payson Canyon!
There's so much great new stuff, I had to rewrite the Forebay page and expand the trail descriptions to 3 pages.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

In-depth review of Mojo, Rawhide, and Hardlick
When you think you're ready to hit the harder stuff in Herriman's great trail system, here's the information to help you decide what to ride and how to do it.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Ephraim Canyon singletrack trail system - Awesome!
If you're looking for mellower family riding with beautiful views -- and the option of starting the newbs and the younger kids  from the top -- this is a great bunch of trails.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Parents! Are your little buckaroos ready for some kid-specific DH?
I put the new beginner downhill trails at Blackridge Pond onto a page of their own, so parents can get the info they need to decide how to make this outing with their kids.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

"New and Improved" Thunder Mountain trail page
I've expanded the trail information and added over 20 new photos. So you'll really understand what you're missing if you don't go ride this Classic Must-Ride Trail!   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Spinal Tap review!
Lots of challenges on this ride. Hiked down a spooky double-drop in front of the local high school team, acted like it was because they were working on a ride-around trail, but really I was scared stiff. So I've revised the upper Pahvant page with new photos and ride information!   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Mountain Biking with a Cardiac Pacemaker
Yeah, it's a little early for Bruce to be writing an "everything about pacemakers" article for mountain bikers.  But somebody had to do it. And the article will be expanded as Bruce learns more. Like our First Aid pages, this information will be used by non-cyclists as well.    Pacemaker page...  June 2021. 

Fabulous Slate Creek
This is what you've always wanted. A trail in the Uintah Mountains built specifically for biking. Trailhead on the Mirror Lake Highway right across from lower Beaver Creek. Fun loop ride with a swooping downhill and the occasional rock garden.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Tank Run and Big Red
Lots of fun options at Richfield! If you're wondering what this system is like, read my new expanded trail review of the lower Pahvant trails! TLDR version: it's an awesome collection of wonderfulness.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

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Fabulous little trail system at the mouth of Farmington Canyon. Great stuff crammed into a small area. Get your laps in. There's plenty of jumps and fun stuff on 5 different downhill trails.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Traverse Traverse
This fabulous trail connects western Ann's Trail of the Corner Canyon system to Mo-mentum of Lehi's Traverse Mountain trail system. Great ride by itself, with twisting shady trail in the maples and wide open views of mountains and valleys at the top.  Trail page...  May 2021. 

Longview Trail
The Longview Trail is that climbing route in Hog Hollow that you've been waiting for! Extends from the bottom of Fango/Achtung Baby up to the tippy-top of the Peakview Trail.  Trail page...  May 2021. 

"The Bruce Blues Band"
Those insane mountain biking parody songs that appear regularly on the UMB facebook page?   Many of them have been used as soundtracks for bike trail videos. Go to the YouTube channel and select the Bruce Blues Band playlist.  And if you want the songs themselves, they're available as mp3s in our  Goodies "Biker Blues" section!

How are the trail videos made?
I (Bruce) get a lot of questions about what cameras I use and how I handle all that equipment out on the trail. Rather than type the same answers on YouTube or Facebook again and again, I've created this page so I can just copy the URL.   Go to "How I do Video"  page...    


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