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Filming a Spot for OLM

The UtahMountainBiking guys are now movie stars! A film crew from TechTV flew from California to Moab to film Mike, Dominic, and Bruce. Sadly, our other bikers had to work for a living. uses OLM as our web host. We rent server space from them, so this web site is available to you 24 hours a day. OLM thought we'd produced a pretty good site, so they decided to feature us in an advertisement.

Svetlana, gaffer for the film crew, works with the equipment preparing for a ridgeline silhouette shot, while our raven mascot watches. December 12, 2000.

Joe, the producer, wanted a location with a combination of rippled rock, sand, and trees. Despite the cold December day, Moab delivered. We shot 5 scenes in Navajo sandstone mixed with trees and sand. Then, as the snow piled up deep, we went north of Moab to shoot 4 more scenes in snow-draped red rock.

Setup for each shot was around an hour, with multiple takes of each shot. For example, we did a ridgeline silhouette, an over-the-bump and down-the-gully, a jump-over, and a snow-cruise. Dominic rode with a "cigar-cam" attached to his front fork for a closeup of the action! Yet each individual shot will be only a couple of seconds in the final product.

Mike waits on top of the ledge while the film crew readies the camera. This will be a "jump-over" picture, where the tire of the bike just clears the camera. The camera catches the bike as it flies into the frame from the top, then continues straight away. December 12, 2000

Mike was the star of the jump-over, and Dominic volunteered to crash (on purpose). Bruce did the "sound bite" while freezing in the swirling snow. It was a memorable day.

Watch for the commercial on TechTV (cable or satelite) in early 2001.

Mike rockets off the ledge over Emery, our cameraman. In front of Mike's tire, Jonathan, the sound man, holds the boom microphone.

OLM decided on a "just us guys" look for the commercial, so the tricky tech stuff never made the final cut. But we still look cool. To see Marvelous Mike, Dandy Dom, and Big Bruce in their starring roles, go to our video download page!

Actual scene from the commercial, as Bruce and Dr. Jekyll do their stuff.