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Cleaning a plugged tubeless-tire valve

The valve on the left is a standard UST tubeless valve. If this valve becomes plugged with tire sealant, it's virtually impossible to clear. You'll need to install a replacement valve.

On the right is a valve with a removable core. Once the core is removed, you can clean out hardened sealant, then screw the core back in.

The sides of the cap threads (the silver part just under the valve knob) are flattened so a wrench can be used to unscrew the core. Turning counter-clockwise removes the core from the stem.
Once the threads are unscrewed, the valve simply slides out of the stem.
The plug will usually be at the bottom end of the core. Peel or wipe it away.
If necessary, put fresh sealant into the tire.
Insert the valve core, turning clockwise to tighten. (Don't simply finger-tighten. The valve will become loose during your next ride, causing an air leak.)
If the tire's bead has separated from the rim, force the bead back out against the side of the rim. Using both hands, push your thumbs down in the center of the tire, while your fingers drag the sidewall of the tire outward. When it looks like the bead is sitting on the rim liner all the way around, you're ready to inflate.
Inflate the tire using a floor pump or a CO2 power inflator. (If the seal on the tire bead has been broken, a mini-pump doesn't provide enough air pressure to seal the tire.)
Work the sealant around the tire's edges, as discussed in the section on setup or repair of sealed tubeless tires.

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