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Bruce is the author of our mountain bike fix-it section, with experience on his own 5 bikes and 7 kid's bikes. But be warned -- we accept no responsibility for how badly you bugger-up your bike trying to fix it yourself!  Bike Repair Pages
Fix-it Selections:
Anatomy of a Bike

Axle skewer
Bar ends
Bottom bracket
Brake lever
Brake tuneup
Brake pads
Cable cleaning
Cable mud-proofing
Cable replacement
Camelbak cleanout
Chain maintainance
Chain, repair of break
Chain, replacement
Chainwheel repair
Cog replacement
Crank removal
Crank, nut-Bolt
Crank, splined
Derailleur, front repl.
Derailleur, front tune
Derailleur, hanger str.
Derailleur, rear repl.
Derailleur, rear tuneup
Disc brake service
Disc caliper align
Disc mechanical-type
Disc rotor
Disc rotor truing
Fitting the bike
Fitting for groups
Front fork repl.
Headset overhaul
Headset replacement
Handlebar options
Pedal repair/repl.
Pulley problems
Rim truing
Seat adjustment
Shifter replacement
Shock absorbers 101
Shock (front) clean
Shock wiper lube
Size of bike
Speedometer install
Spoke replacement
Stem change
Testing bikes for groups
Tire, flat prevention
Tire, flat repair
Tire sidewall boot
Tire types
Tools for repairs
Trouble shooting
Tubeless Conversion
Tubeless Repair
Tubeless w Sealant
Tubeless Misc Hints
Tubeless valves
Wheel lacing

Wondering where to start?  See our Quick Hints troubleshooting guide!

Live in Utah and need some help?  See the Tune-up and Shop Service price sheets for our Lehi store!

Our philosophy:  It's dangerous to treat your bike as a mechanical mystery. Keeping your bike in good condition, well-tuned and well-maintained, makes you a safer biker. Since it's your hide that will get injured when the bike falls apart, learn how to repair and maintain the exposed parts yourself. After all, the bike shop won't be there when your brakes fail in the middle of the Slickrock Trail.