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Fractured Toe

A fractured toe is usually caused by kicking something. In mountain biking, it means meeting a rock or log with the tip of your foot while wearing soft shoes.

Fractured toes usually heal well. If the fracture has made the toe crooked, the doctor will have to straighten it for you. Otherwise it won't fit properly in your biking shoes! See the space between the 3rd and 4th toes above? This is due to deformity.

The result of meeting a rock. The 4th toe is broken and crooked.

fx-toe1.jpg (10998 bytes)

fx-toe2.jpg (8259 bytes) Concerns:
If a broken toe is allowed to heal crooked, it won't fit into your shoe properly. You'll get blisters and sores. It may cause problems with sports.

Turning the foot to the side, we notice that the toenails of the 4th and 5th toes aren't on the same plane. The 4th toe has rotated clockwise (as seen from the tip of the toe). When the toes are bent downward, the 4th toe will overlap the 5th.

See the doctor if an injured toe:
    has severe swelling or discoloration
    appears to aim a different direction
    has severe pain lasting over 30 minutes
    can't be moved fully
    prevents normal walking after the first hour

Immediate care:
Ice and elevate the injured area. Go to the doctor.

Ongoing care:
A broken toe usually takes about three weeks to heal. Follow your doctor's instructions.

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