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Major First Aid Kits

There's no perfect first aid kit. Every kit is a compromise between portability (you may need to walk or hike to the victim), completeness (you can't have the whole ER in your car), and simplicity (you need to know how to use the stuff). What you have in your first aid kit depends on (1) what you need to do, (2) where you're going to do it, and (3) what you're trained to do.

To purchase supplies mentioned in these first aid kits,
click here to link to WoundCareShop.

A first aid kit is a handy and portable way of keeping basic first aid supplies organized -- all in one place, easily remembered, and organized. Even in your home, a kit may be the best place for your medical equipment and supplies.

The sample first aid kit at right is for auto or home. It includes supplies for wound care, burn care, fracture stabilization, and medical emergencies.

To learn about individual components, link to:
Antiseptic and wound preps   Pain medication
Cut closure     Immobilization      Major dressings 
Dressings and bandages     Bandaid Tricks

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Sample Basic First Aid Kit:   placed in a small backpack or one-tray plastic tackle tox
This first aid kit might be good for a car or cabin. Cost for the components will be around $90. Pre-stocked basic kits like this are available from many sources, on the web, by catalog, in outdoor-specialty stores, and at medical supply stores.

first aid handbook
4-1/2 inch scissor
1    roll 1" tape
2    2x2 gauze pads
3    4x4 gauze pads
1    5x9 gauze compress
1    8x10 gauze compress
2    2" roller gauze
1    2" elastic wrap
2    oval eye pads
5    knuckle bandages
5    fingertip bandages
5    butterfly bandage
10  1" plastic bandages
1    triangular bandage
3    antiseptic towellettes
3    Betadine prep pads
4    alcohol prep pads
triple antibiotic ointment
hydrocortisone cream
burn gel
eye wash bottle
instant cold pack

Note: where quantities are mentioned (for example "5 knuckle bandages") consider this a "minimum guideline." You may need higher quantities either for convenience, or because you'll be providing first aid for multiple people. It's best to buy in bulk, then resupply your kit from boxes. Go to WoundCareShop to buy supplies for your kit.

Sample Deluxe First Aid Kit:   fits in a large plastic two-tray tackle box
This is an extensive kit, with supplies for medical emergencies as well as injuries. It requires some advanced knowledge to use all the components (for example, glucose for hypoglycemia, CPR shield for rescue breathing). It can serve as a home first aid kit, auto or boat first aid kit, or group first aid kit (work or camp). Cost for the components will be around $200. Complete kits similar to this one are sold by specialty medical supply stores, for example STAT Medical Supply in Salt Lake.

First aid handbook
CPR shield
EMT snips 7-1/2"
splinter forceps
multi-tool w needle-nose
penlight w extra batteries
disposable scalpel #11
glucose tube
face mask
1   chemical cold pack
1   chemical heat pack
1   hypothermia blanket
1   cottontip swab pack
1   emergency candle, 2-hr
1   box waterproof matches
4   safety pins
1   aluminum splint, 3/4" width
2   ammonia inhalants
2   pair latex gloves
waterless hand cleaner
eye wash 4 oz
1   burn gel dressing 4x4
burn gel 4 oz bottle
triple antibiotic ointment 1 oz
hydrocortisone cream 1 oz
Betadine solution 1 oz
6    Betadine prep pad
9    sting relief pads
10  alcohol prep pad
9    antiseptic towelette
2    oval eye pad
1    padding roll gauze 4.5"
2    triangular bandage
2    roller gauze 2"
2    roller gauze 3"
1    roller gauze 4"
5    gauze pad 2x2
5    gauze pad 4x4
2    non-stick pad 2x3
2    non-stick pad 3x4
1    multi-trauma dressing
1    abdominal pad 5x9
1    maternity pad
10  fingertip bandage
10  knuckle bandage
4    butterfly medium
2    butterfly large
2    plastic bandage x-large
20  bandage strips 3/4"
10  bandage strips 1"
1    Benzoin swab
Steri-strip 1/2 inch
Steri-strip 1/4 inch
1    roll silk tape 1"
1    elastic bandage 4"
1    Coban wrap 2"
1    Coban wrap 3"

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