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Statistics:  Each week, is visited by at least 30,000 individual visitors (unique IP addresses). The typical visitor comes to our site twice weekly. The average visitor looks at 15 pages during each visit, with median visit duration just over 4 minutes. What are our visitors looking for? No other site anywhere has as much practical injury-treatment information as our First Aid section, so it enjoys a worldwide audience. Running a close second is our straight dope on Utah's Bike Trails, used extensively by local cyclists and by out-of-state riders planning a Utah vacation. Our bike repair Fix-it pages come in 3rd. The UMB repair section has some of the most complete and practical repair advice on the web, and is used by bikers around the world. Our Goodies section is a great source for general cycling information and how-to articles, free wallpaper, screensavers, and trail videos.

Weekly Visits: 137,000 average
(Statistics for 2013)

First Aid 27,000
Trails 73,500
Bike Repair 23,000
Goodies 9,500

During cycling season, our visits are about 30% higher. During peak riding times, the Trail and Bike Repair sections vie for most visits: 29% of pages viewed are from the Trails section, followed by Bike Repair (23%), then First Aid (22%), and Goodies (free downloads and feature articles, 22%).

In the winter, visitors continue to come to As fewer trails are ridden and fewer bikes require repair, the "First Aid" section becomes our #1 attraction (46% of our visitors), followed by Trails (23%), Bike Repair (21%), then Goodies at 15%.

And according to our survey in March 2002...

Where:  71% of our visitors are from Utah's metropolitan Wasatch Front (Salt Lake Valley, Utah Valley, Ogden area). 42% live in the Salt Lake City area. If you want to reach the Utah mountain biker, "This is the Place."

How old:  Peak viewership is the 30-39 age bracket (43%). Another 23% are age 25-29. These visitors have money to spend.

Rides:  25% ride 1-2 times per week; 37% ride 3-5 times per week; and 16% ride almost daily. Our readers are hard-core bikers.

Type of rider:  41% of our visitors, while not claiming excellence, are able to handle rough technical trails and tough climbs. Another 28% rate themselves either excellent technical riders or bike-bashing lunatics.

Type of bike:  39% ride hardtails; 46% ride cross-country full-suspension; 7% have freerider/technical bikes. 46% of these bikes are between 1 and 3 years old; 19% are less than a year old.

Repair abilities:  73% do major maintenance and repairs, such as cable replacement and derailleur tuning, and almost half of these bikers (30% in our survey) say they can fix "damn near anything" on the bike. Our visitors buy bike parts and supplies.

Buying on the web:  31% buy on-line a few times a year; 20% buy every couple of months; and 15% buy once a month or more. (15% NEVER buy on the web.) If you're web-based, we can deliver customers.

Local bike shops:  23% buy a few times a year; 27% buy every couple of months; and 39% buy from their local bike shop once a month or more. If you're a brick-and-mortar Utah bicycle business, your future customers are visiting our site.

What will they buy:  In the next year, almost all (97%) of our visitors will buy some bike supplies and parts; most (80%) will buy specialty biking food (energy bars, etc); 57% will buy bike tools; 69% will buy bike clothing; and 12% plan to buy a new bike within one year.

Moab lodging:  53% of our visitors will stay at a motel in Moab during the coming year.

St. George lodging: 31% will stay in St. George during the coming year.

How much:  While there's wide variation, our typical visitor spends about $1500 on biking per year.