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Fix-it Section Advertising

Our bike repair section ("Fix-it") received 3300 visits per week during March 2002. 73% of our visitors do major maintenance and repairs, such as cable replacement and derailleur tuning. 53% plan to buy bike tools in the next year. Almost all our visitors purchase bike parts and supplies, and at least 40% buy supplies or tools more than 10 times per year.

The repair section has over 40 individual repair and maintenance procedures, illustrated step-by-step with photos. It's the most comprehensive we've found, anywhere on the web.

We would prefer to contract with a single sponsor for the entire bike repair section of our web site. The Fix-it pages would be edited to provide a natural link to the sponsor's product(s). Current "placeholder ads" -- our own internal advertising -- would be removed. At the beginning of each page, the visitor would see something like the following:

For this repair, you'll need:
     Cable cutter or rotary tool
     Derailleur cable
     Cable end-cap
     Derailleur cable housing, approx 3 ft
     Housing end-caps, 2 per section
     8 mm hex-wrench
If you don't have the proper tools
or supplies, click on the link at right
to order them through SampleCo

To see a sample page from the Fix-it Section that shows how this would work, click here.

Cost of this sponsorship, one-year contract, is $200 per month.

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