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First Aid  Section Advertising

Our First Aid section received 2600 visits per week during March 2002. Some of these visitors are mountain bikers, but many are not. The First Aid section is practical, comprehensive, and detailed, with actual photos of injuries. We're not surprised when we're told it's the best first aid information anywhere on the web.

We would prefer to contract with a single sponsor for the entire First Aid section of our web site. Ideally, this would be a sponsor that sells or manufactures a broad spectrum of first aid supplies.

The treatment section of each injury discussed would be edited to add information on first aid supplies, with a natural link to the sponsor, such as the following:

Supplies for abrasion treatment:
     Antiseptic cleansing pad or towel
     Antibiotic ointment
     Non-stick pad
     Gauze padding
     Roll gauze
     Self-adherant wrap
First aid kits, and individual first aid supplies, are available from the sponsor of the First Aid section, SampleCo.

To view a sample page from the First Aid section showing how this fits in, click here. We anticipate that the editing of the current files might include photos of the sponsor's products (to replace current photos), and replacement of certain well-known brand names with generic equivalents.

Cost of this sponsorship, one-year contract, is $200 per month.

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