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Overview:  Early in the days of the internet, (UMB) started as a "why not" by a bunch of riding buddies. It has evolved into the most comprehensive regional biking website in the world. Plus a bike store and a race team.

The two main guys behind UMB are Bruce Argyle and Mike Engberson. Mike earns a living running the UMB store in Lehi, selling and fixing bikes. Bruce donates his time doing the fun part: riding trails, taking photos, and writing articles for this web site.

Mike Engberson, on duty at the store at 169 West Main, Lehi.

How it happened:  The mountain bike trail pages were first created by Bruce on the Mad Scientist Software web site in 1997.

At first, it was simply a blog of trail experiences and biking photos from company-sponsored adventures. As the photos accumulated, Bruce split them up into individual trail pages, with a brief ride description. After a couple of years, we had quite a collection of trails, and mountain bikers were hitting our company web site for trail information! Riders requested trail maps and additional information. The pages were expanded and moved to a separate website called UtahMountainBiking in 2000. 

That's Bruce Argyle, with Jackie the UtahMountainBiking mascot, many years ago. You'll see Jackie in many of the older trail photos (and videos) on this web site.

Why we're doing this:  For fun. And oh, yeah. For money.

Mike earns his living through this web site and the UMB store. For Bruce, the website is an excuse to go biking and take pictures. He has no "special qualifications" to do this biking web site -- other than hundreds of days spent happily mountain biking.

Bruce tackles the rocks on the Zen Trail in St. George in 2011.

Our goal:  Well, the UtahMountainBiking store wants to sell you a bike. Or repair your current bike. Or sell you high-end parts and supplies for that bike.

But if you already have a favorite bike store, use the web site anyway. We try to give useful information.  Is this trail worth riding? And what will I see there? How tough is it to ride? We're the most in-depth source of information about Utah's bike trails, with over 1000 trails photographed, mapped, and reviewed.  For information on how Bruce evaluates a trail, click here.

A roadie, a cyclocross bike, and a mountain bike for sale at the UMB store in Lehi.

More than just "bike trails:"  Because Bruce spent his working years as an emergency physician, is the web's leading authority on mountain-biking first aid -- just check it out! And because Bruce broke a lot of bike parts, he created a bike repair and upkeep resource, with lots of photos to make it easy. And check out the feature articles on biking fitness, winter biking, mountain photography (and much more) in our goodies section.
We're the number-one biking resource in the world's number-one biking destination: Utah. And we'll continue to get better. We have one word for what makes different: content. We have information for you, not just advertising and sales. Tell us how we can make this website more helpful.