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The Great UtahMountainBiking Treasure Hunt #1

Each set of clues goes to a link hidden on a photo, somewhere within the (over 500) pages on's web site. When you click on the link, you'll see a page that gives you the "Treasure" to fill in the blank. We suggest you print the page, then go to work. When this treasure hunt was first posted, the first to email a list of all 13 treasures won a copy of the 379-page book "Mountain Bike America Moab" by Lee Bridgers. Now it's just for fun.

Treasure Directions
1._____________ This trail lies entirely on Claron Formation limestone, with a moniker suggesting accoustic perception of atmospheric redistribution of electromotive force. When you find this trail, click in the region of the ample gluteus maximus.
2._____________ If the chain jumps back and forth between gears no matter how much you tighten or loosen the cable, you might need to adjust two screws. Click on a close-up of one of these screws.
3._____________ If the star of "Barefoot in the Park" invited you to mountain bike with him, chances are you'd ride on this trail. When you find this page, click on somebody who's launching off an aspen trunk.

How does UtahMountainBiking create our trail review pages? When you find out, click on the GPS receiver.

5._____________ If you were to hike up the canyon named after William Granstaff, you'd reach a point where bike riders on this trail would be looking down at you from the cliff above. When you find this page, click on some water.
6._____________ People all around the country have seen UtahMountainBiking's handsome Little Mikey ride. On a page about how a star like Mikey is born, find a photo of Mike jumping his bike over the top of a movie camera. Click on the sound technician.
7._____________ Utah's Bristlecone pines live a long time, often reaching two thousand years of age. There are a lot of these trees in the Twisted Forest near Cedar Breaks. But if you wanted to see Utah's oldest tree, you'd ride another trail. When you find the page with Utah's oldest tree, click on a dog.
8._____________ If one pad of your hydraulic disk brake is rubbing, you might need to center the calipers. Click on a photo of this procedure that shows how to get the proper "offset" of the pad from the rotor.
9._____________ This trail sits on a flat-toped geographic structure capped with Shinarump conglomerate and is named after a member of the currant family. When you find it, click on something that's beautiful but will deflate you.
10._____________ What are those blue flowers along the trail, the ones that grow on stalks and look like snapdragons? What page lets you look up flowers? When you find that blue flower, click on it.

This desert trail is named after an endangered species. When you find this trail, click on the girl in the blue sweater.


On a page discussing how to clear obstacles while riding uphill, click on Chad as his rear wheel climbs over a log.


During the six boom years of this Utah town, its 26 saloons were notorious for violence. In just two of them, the Bucket of Blood and Gold Miner's Daughter, there were 110 killings. Find a trail that starts here, and click on a buttercup.