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Tooele's Settlement Canyon Left Hand Fork
Settlement Canyon lies at the southeast corner of Tooele, right at the edge of town. It's surprisingly pretty, well-forested, and dramatically cooler than Tooele. The Left Hand Fork trails are intermediate to advanced in technical requirements and have substantial climbing. They offer a variety of ride combinations. This is one of the easier rides.
Trail connections, alignments, and conditions will change. Use this guide at your own risk.
Riding notes, Bottom up then Muddy down
0.0   Paved road from fee station N40 30.419 W112 17.594
0.5   Keep R at road fork N40 30.103 W112 17.268
0.6   Trailhead, L on Left Hand Fork N40 30.035 W112 17.240
0.8   Keep straight (R = to Muddy) N40 30.040 W112 16.973
1.0   L across road (R = to Muddy) N40 30.035 W112 16.817
1.1   Ride gravel path along paved road to camp gates
1.2   L on ST N40 30.038 W112 16.672
        Immediate R back to gravel road
1.9   Veer R onto ST N40 29.726 W112 15.967
        150 feet, L on Bottom (R = to Muddy)
        N40 29.686 W112 15.918
2.3   Keep straight (R = to Muddy, L = to Bench)
        N40 29.418 W112 15.749
3.3   At Bear Trap Pass, backtrack N40 28.830 W112 15.115
4.3   L to Muddy N40 29.418 W112 15.749
4.6   Keep straight (L = to Bottom, R = Ridge)
        N40 29.581 W112 15.985
5.4   R (L also goes to Left Hand Fork)
        N40 29.987 W112 16.683
5.6   L on Left Hand Fork N40 30.035 W112 16.817
6.0   R on paved road
6.5   Back at parking
Getting there:
From Salt Lake Valley, take I-80 westbound. Exit on Highway 36 and drive south through Tooele. Right at the southern edge of town, look for a "Camp Wapiti" sign and turn left onto the Settlement Canyon Road. (Note: there's a street called "Canyon Road" about 1/10th mile before Settlement Canyon. It's NOT the canyon road that you want.) 
From Utah County, take Highway 73 westbound through Five Mile Pass. Turn right (north) on Highway 36. As you hit the edge of Tooele, watch for a small "Camp Wapiti" sign and turn right on Settlement Canyon Road.
Drive uphill 0.8 miles to a large parking area and fee station. If you plan to picnic, camp, or just park within the canyon, pay your fee at the station. If you're biking in, find a parking spot here.
Canyon Road parking (for Dark Trail): 
For bike-in riders, there's parking the right side of the road, just before the fee station. 
Spring Flats (Left Hand Fork trailhead):  From the fee station, drive 1/2 mile on the canyon road. Keep right as the Camp Wapiti road forks uphill to the left. Drive 1/10th mile further and turn right into the trailhead parking. The Left Hand Fork trail is across the road from the parking entrance. The Dark Trail can be reached via a connector at the back of the northernmost picnic parking spot.
Camp Wapiti parking:  Drive 0.5 miles from the fee station, then turn left on the Camp Wapiti road. Go 0.4 miles uphill and park in front of the camp gates. The trail is to the left of the camp gates, and within a few feet forks into the Bench Trail (left) and a connector to the doubletrack to Bottom (right).