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Stucki Springs Trail
The Stucki Springs Trail starts southwest of St. George in Green Valley, with an alternate trailhead in Santa Clara. From Green Valley, it climbs up the "Downhill Race Course" singletrack for three miles, drops (and we do mean DROPS) off the mesa to rolling desert, turns south at Stucki Springs, then joins the Green Valley Trail again at Clavicle Hill. The loop described here is 12 miles, strenuous aerobic, intermediate technical with a rare smattering of advanced technical.
Classic Stucki Loop updated, counterclockwise:
0.0   Just N of road to Bearclaw TH,
        N37 05.511 W113 37.932
        W on DT through wash and fence then NW
0.5   Join trail, keep L N37 05.620 W113 38.357
0.55 Fork R N37 05.597 W113 38.395
        Cross rock wash, up steep hill
1.6   Fork R (L = to Barrel Trail and viewpoint)
        N37 05.519 W113 39.452
1.8   4-way with 3 DTs, go straight and down
        N37 05.618 W113 39.524
        Cross fence, L (west) downhill in saddle
        N37 05.640 W113 39.544 Steep plunge
2.1   Keep R (L = alternate to Stucki Cutoff)
        N37 05.658 W113 39.900
2.2   Keep L (R = to remote trail along bluff)
        N37 05.679 W113 39.922
2.4   Keep R (connectors to Stucki Cutoff)
        N37 05.734 W113 40.108
2.5   Keep R  N37 05.725 W113 40.197
2.6   Keep R  N37 05.713 W113 40.314
3.0   Veer L, follow ST southwest
        N37 05.949 W113 40.541
3.5   Keep R (L = Snakepit trail)
        N37 05.660 W113 40.934
4.2   Alternates, straight = to plunge
        N37 05.387 W113 41.473
4.4   Alternates rejoin N37 05.365 W113 41.569
4.8   Cottonwood Wash viewpoint, L
        N37 05.229 W113 42.143
7.5   Keep R (L = to Snakepit)
        N37 04.620 W113 40.244
7.7   Keep R (L = to Snakepit)
        N37 04.470 W113 40.183
8.5   Keep R (L = Snakepit)
        N37 04.257 W113 39.611
8.7   4-way, fork L N37 04.158 W113 39.389
8.9   Arrive Clavicle Hill area
        N37 04.201 W113 39.315
        Follow Bearclaw Poppy NNortheast
        (Alternate climbing routes on R and L)
9.5   End of acid drops, keep going NNE
        N37 04.563 W113 39.159
10.2 L out of wash, then fork R on ST
        Flatline Trail N37 05.056 W113 38.780
10.5 Join main Bearclaw, keep NNE up hill
        N37 05.131 W113 38.848
10.6 Step over gate, cross road to ST
        Barrel Trail N37 05.180 W113 38.823
10.7 Fork R N37 05.228 W113 38.801
11.0 Keep R and downhill
        N37 05.441 W113 38.617
11.3 Rejoin racetrack N37 05.597 W113 38.395
        100 ft, then R N37 05.620 W113 38.357
11.8 Back at parking
Stucki Springs Trail Map Getting there: Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit in St. George and turn west. Immediately turn south (left) on Hilton Drive. Go past the golf course and turn right when you reach Dixie Drive. Turn left at the sign for Green Valley Spa. Drive past the spa and park at the end of the road. From the top of the mesa, ride down across the wash. Keep left until you're through the fence, then turn right as the Green Valley trail turns left up the hill. Find the singletrack on the left about 100 yards up, just before the doubletrack drops into a rock wash.
Copyright 2002 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Updated 2011. Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.