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Figure-8 ride with Bloomington, Snakepit, Stucki Springs, and Bearclaw Poppy.
This 13-mile ride starts from the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead in Bloomington on Navajo Drive. It heads west on the Bloomington Microloop, climbs the wash of the Snakepit trail, circles around on Stucki Spring, and finishes with the roller coaster of Bearclaw Poppy back to Bloomington. It's intermediate technical, not too strenuous.
Sample Bloomington ride, Snakepit Figure-eight:
0.0   Bloomington TH, step over gate
        N37 03.125 W113 37.344
0.2   Fork L on Bloomington Microloop
        N37 03.224 W113 37.504
2.4   4-way, keep straight to Stucki Spring
        N37 04.160 W113 39.387
2.7   R and into wash for Snakepit
        N37 04.268 W113 39.584
2.8   R on edge of wash (in wash = alternate)
        N37 04.326 W113 39.699
3.1   Rejoin alternate from wash
        N37 04.399 W113 39.907
3.2   Stay in wash (L = up to Stucki)
        N37 04.482 W113 40.018
4.4   Snakepit Rim joins on R
        N37 05.180 W113 40.836
5.0   Hard L on Stucki Spring trail
        N37 05.659 W113 40.933
5.7   Alternates N37 05.387 W113 41.473
        (straight = plunge, R = around)
5.2   Alternates rejoin N37 05.366 W113 41.568
6.7   Viewpoint, Cottonwood Wash, turn L
        N37 05.227 W113 42.143
9.3   Keep R (L = down to Snakepit)
        N37 04.619 W113 40.243
9.6   Keep R (L = to Snakepit)
        N37 04.470 W113 40.184
10.3 Keep R at original Snakepit fork
        N37 04.261 W113 39.620
10.6 At 4-way, turn L
        N37 04.160 W113 39.387
10.7 Bottom of Clavicle Hill, fork R
        N37 04.202 W113 39.313
        East (R) on Bearclaw Poppy trail
        N37 04.209 W113 39.259
13.0 Back at Bloomington parking
Getting there, Bloomington's Bearclaw Poppy trailhead:
Go to the west end of Navajo Drive in Bloomington. Go across the cattle guard. See the low rail on the fence 100 feet to your right? That's the trailhead. N 37 03.116'  W 113 37.362'. Start out on Bearclaw Poppy, and fork left on the mini-loop about 1/3 mile later.

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