Bearclaw to Stucki Loop via Cutoff 
After dropping the Three Fingers of Death, head south in the Wash on Bearclaw. Just after the trail pulls out of the wash, watch for a trail on your right. (There will be three more trails over the next half-mile, some of which are harder to spot. They all join into the same northwest-bound path.) This trail takes you to the classic route just below the bluff. Fork left. As you approach the fence, fork left and ride Stucki to Clavicle Hill. Backtrack on Bearclaw.
Sample ride, Stucki cclockwise via Bearclaw:
0.0   From upper Bearclaw TH, up DT
        N37 05.338 W113 38.431
0.4   R across stepover gate
        N37 05.170 W113 38.829
        Drop Three Fingers of Death
0.6   Straight, drop into The Wash
        N37 05.056 W113 38.780
1.1   (Option: R to Stucki Cutoff)
        N37 04.788 W113 39.054
1.4   Fork R onto Stucki Cutoff
        N37 04.544 W113 39.175
1.7   Keep straight (L) as alternate joins
        N37 04.766 W113 39.371
1.8   Keep straight (R) as alternate joins
        N37 04.790 W113 39.439
3.1   Keep L  N37 05.523 W113 40.236
3.2   Keep L  N37 05.612 W113 40.259
3.3   Keep L  N37 05.715 W113 40.315
3.8   (Option straight to visit Spring)
        Fork L on Stucki Springs ST
        N37 05.949 W113 40.541
4.3   Keep R (L = Snakepit trail)
        N37 05.660 W113 40.934
5.0   Alternates, straight = to plunge
        N37 05.387 W113 41.473
5.2   Alternates rejoin 
        N37 05.365 W113 41.569
5.6   Cottonwood Wash viewpoint, L
        N37 05.229 W113 42.143
8.3   Keep R (L = to Snakepit)
        N37 04.620 W113 40.244
8.5   Keep R (L = to Snakepit)
        N37 04.470 W113 40.183
9.3   Keep R (L = Snakepit)
        N37 04.257 W113 39.611
9.5   4-way, fork L N37 04.158 W113 39.389
9.7   Arrive Clavicle Hill area
        N37 04.201 W113 39.315
        Follow Bearclaw Poppy NNortheast
        (Alternate climbing routes on R and L)
10.3 End of acid drops, keep going NNE
        N37 04.563 W113 39.159
11.0 L out of wash, then fork R on ST
        Flatline Trail N37 05.056 W113 38.780
11.3 Join main Bearclaw, keep NNE up hill
        N37 05.131 W113 38.848
11.4 R on DT downhill
        N37 05.180 W113 38.823
11.8 Back at parking
Getting there, Bearclaw Poppy parking: Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit in St. George and turn west. Immediately turn south (left). Go over the hill and turn right on Dixie Drive. Keep straight past the golf course and some businesses. Turn left at the sign for Green Valley Spa. (If you reach a "Green Valley Market" with gas pumps, you just passed it. Turn around and backtrack to the second road on your right.) Drive past the spa and onto the dirt road. Veer right, then drop left and cross the valley. Climb the broad dirt road on the edge of the little sandstone canyon up to the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead parking.