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Twist Trail
The Twist Trail lies in a badlands area at the base of the mountains east of Richfield. The area is shared with motorcycles and ATVs. The riding is intermediate, with some optional side-routes for confident advanced riders. The loop ride described here is 6 miles with 500 vertical feet of climbing, starting at the race loop parking. Navigation can be confusing. GPS tracking is recommended. The usual riding season is April through November. Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk.
Riding notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0   Northwest from parking N38 46.824 W111 57.570
0.2   L on powerline road N38 46.956 W111 57.384
1.3   Hard L on main road N38 47.848 W111 57.505
        100 yards south, then R N38 47.807 W111 57.532
1.4   R for Twist (ST on L = Skyline) N38 47.823 W111 57.618
2.1   Straight N38 47.584 W111 58.170
        (Skyline joins on L, R = to N Canyon)
2.2   Straight (R=ridgeline alt) N38 47.587 W111 58.228
2.7   Keep R (ridgeline alt joins on L) N38 47.463 W111 58.587
3.0   North Canyon joins on R, keep straight N38 47.612 W111 58.714
3.1   Fork L (R = alternate) N38 47.535 W111 58.804
3.4   Alternate rejoins, keep L N38 47.256 W111 58.701
4.2   Keep R (L = alternate climb) N38 46.835 W111 58.448
4.5   Veer L and north into canyon N38 46.673 W111 58.239
5.2   R on DT N38 47.104 W111 58.001
5.5   R on main road N38 47.144 W111 57.608
5.9   Back at parking
Getting there:
On Main Street in Richfield, turn east on 300 North. This is Utah Highway 118, old US Highway 89. After 0.9 miles, Highway 118 turns north. Keep straight to the single lane that becomes Highway 119. Continue straight east and in about 4 miles the road will veer a bit right and climb up the hill. At mile 6.4, begin watching for a gravel road on your left. It will be just before the Glenwood Hills OHV sign. Turn left and drive 0.8 miles. Turn right toward the fenced area and park outside the gate. The Twist ride starts by pedaling northeast -- toward big power line and the mountains -- and turning onto the northbound dirt road at the power lines.