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Pushing Tin Loop
The Pushing Tin loop circles the top of a mesa, just south of the St. George airport. The  two-mile loop itself is reached via an out-and-back singletrack in the Desert Canyons trail system. The closest trailhead parking is 1/2 mile away, making the minimum ride 3.1 miles. Weather permitting, this is a year-round ride. The loop is intermediate overall in technical requirement. Experienced beginners can do this ride, but will need to step past some of the rock challenges. There's around 300 vertical feet of climbing on the loop.
Copyright 2018 UtahMountainBiking. Trail conditions, connections, and layout will change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.
Riding notes, from Meditation Rock:
0.0   Step over gate
        N37 00.423 W113 30.789
0.4   Keep right (L = to Saddle TH)
        N37 00.369 W113 31.122
1.1   R into wash, cross under parkway
        N37 00.268 W113 31.665
1.2   Cross road (TH to your L)
        N37 00.340 W113 31.625
1.7   Loop fork, keep straight
        N37 00.700 W113 31.528
2.0   Pushing Tin Point
        N37 00.869 W113 31.593
2.6   Keep R (alt tech line on L)
        N37 00.627 W113 31.702
3.3   Will Gilbert Point
        N37 00.489 W113 31.642
3.8   Back at loop fork, hard R
        N37 00.700 W113 31.528
5.5   Back at TH
Getting there, Meditation Rock trailhead:
Southbound on I-15, take the Southern Parkway (Utah Highway 7) about a mile from the Arizona border. Keep left on the exit off-ramp to pass under I-15. Drive around 6 miles to the Desert Canyons Parkway exit. Turn right on Desert Canyons Parkway, then in 200 feet, right again on Desert Edge Drive. In 100 feet, turn right into the parking area of the Meditation Rock trailhead.
Pushing Tin trailhead:
  This trailhead will likely change as the area is developed. As you exit I-15, turn left (north) on Desert Canyons Parkway. The first dirt road to your left goes one mile directly to the Pushing Tin trailhead, but there's a lot of construction there now. The second left (0.5 miles from the parkway) passes the St. George Motoproving Ground. Immediately after the moto park, turn left to drive a mile south, then turn left on a smaller dirt road. In 1/4 mile, turn right to the parking area. The trail crosses the dirt road about 50 feet from the parking lot.