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Eagles Rise Trail at Mantua
The Eagles Rise Trail is narrow singletrack on the slopes of the mountain east of Mantua Reservoir. The Eagles Rise loop itself is 2.5 miles with 400 vertical feet of total climbing. Our ride has a side trip to Little Knoll, and a trip around the Mantua Dike Trail. Mantua is located in the about three miles east of Brigham City just off US-89 and 91. The lake is surrounded by mountains, and offers fishing, boating, and camping. Because Eagles Rise is a short trail, most riders will want to combine their cycling with other activities.
Riding notes, Eagles Rise w Knoll, Ridge, plus Dike:
0.0   From the southeast Dike Trail TH, 
        ride around gate through rock chute
        N41 29.811 W111 55.552
0.3   R on Eagles Rise N41 29.923 W111 55.342
0.7   Keep L at fork N41 30.023 W111 55.124
1.4   L on Little Knoll trail N41 30.472 W111 55.140
        Go either way at fork a few feet later
        (trails rejoin in 1/10 mile)
1.6   L at fork on saddle N41 30.373 W111 55.374
1.9   Top of hill 
2.2   Keep R uphill N41 30.389 W111 55.417
2.3   Back at fork, keep L N41 30.373 W111 55.374
2.4   Option. Lower trail climbs easier
        N41 30.429 W111 55.230
2.5   Rejoin, keep L to rejoin Main Loop
        N41 30.473 W111 55.142
2.6   Straight (L = North 600) 
        N41 30.390 W111 55.082
3.2   L uphill, L to enter Ridge loop
        N41 29.968 W111 54.902
4.2   Roll over top, Options for DH
        R = hard, L = harder and techy
        N41 29.807 W111 54.912
4.4   Trails rejoin, descend N41 29.792 W111 55.046
4.7   L onto Main Loop N41 29.966 W111 54.902
5.0   L on stem of loop N41 30.023 W111 55.124
5.5   R on Dike Trail
9.4    Back at trailhead
Getting there:
Exit I-15 at the first Brigham City exit (to Logan and US-91). Head east toward the mountains, and keep straight as you cross the main road into Brigham City and join US-89 heading up Sardine Canyon. From the freeway, drive 4.5 miles to the second Mantua (600 North) exit. Turn right, then right again on main street. The first trailhead (TH#1) is immediately on your left. As you pass the boat launch (TH#2), turn left and climb onto the dike N41 29.999 W111 56.522. Now drive 0.9 miles to the east and park in the paved parking area of TH#3 (N41 29.793 W111 55.562).
Camping:  Mountain View campground, SE corner of lake
Water: Boat launch
Bathrooms: All three trailheads.

This trail system is still under construction. As new trails are added, trail navigation will change, making the above instructions outdated. Use this guide at your own risk.  Copyright 2012 Mad Scientist Software, Inc.