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Sardine Peak Loop - Coldwater Canyon / Ogden Overlook
This is a nice 8.7-mile loop ride near Snowbasin. It features a short out-and-back to a great view over Ogden and the Great Salt Lake. Climbing is 1100 vertical feet, with top altitude of 7200 at the overlook. It's an easy-intermediate technical ride, and will be only moderately strenuous. Alternate longer rides can be constructed by including Green Pond, Middle Fork, Maples, East Fork, or Wheeler.
Riding notes, clockwise, from Snowbasin:
Start at gate, far northeast parking
0.0  Pass gate, enter doubletrack heading north
       N41 13.114 W111 51.792
0.6  Keep straight uphill (ST on R is return path)
       N41 13.538 W111 51.817
0.7  ST or DT, doesn't matter
0.8  Go through gate  N41 13.605 W111 51.894
2.1  Fork L for Ogden / Coldwater Canyon overlook
       N41 14.066 W111 52.531
2.7  At overlook N41 14.034 W111 52.801
3.3  Back at fork, keep L N41 14.066 W111 52.531
4.3  Trail in on L, keep straight
       N41 14.464 W111 52.071
4.6  Keep R and east, trail in from L
5.0  Cross ridge and begin descent
7.6  Fork R on Maples Trail
       N41 13.827 W111 51.510
8.1  Back at DT, fork L
8.7  Back at gate
Getting there, Snowbasin trailhead:  From US-89 or I-15 in Ogden, head east on I-84. A few miles up Weber Canyon, take the Mountain Green exit. As you exit, turn left under the freeway, then right. Drive a couple of miles through Mountain Green, then turn L on the scenic byway, U-167. At the top of the hill, turn left and drive to the main Snowbasin entrance. As you approach the lodges, keep right and descend to the overflow parking. The trailhead is the gate at the far northeast corner.
Alternate, Green Pond:  After turning left off U-167, drive 1.3 miles to a large parking area on the right. Good ride: down Middle Fork to Maples, up to the loop (in a figure 8) and back via the Green Pond trail.

Bathrooms at Art Nord and Snowbasin.

Copyright 2010 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

Alternate, Art Nord: Head up Ogden Canyon on U-39. 2.7 miles after the dam, turn R on U-226. Go another 3.6 miles and turn R into the Art Nord trailhead parking N 41 14.017' W 111 49.224'. Recommend big loop ride with East Fork, Green Pond, Sardine Loop, down Maples.
Alternate, Middle Fork:
About 1.5 miles up the road from Art Nord, there's a large parking spot on the right. Head north on Middle Fork to Maples. Lariat or loop with Maples/Sardine/Green Pond/Middle.
Alternate, Wheeler:
Heading up Ogden Canyon on U-39, drop R just before the dam. Follow Wheeler to Maples. Lariat ride or big loop