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Big Pole Canyon
The Big Pole Canyon trails are located five miles east of Heber. A ride to hit everything is just under 8 miles. The climbing is at a mild grade but is fairly sustained up to the viewpoint. The riding season is June through October.
Riding directions for loop ride:
0.0   Singletrack by flood basin N40 30.376 W111 18.849
0.9   R to stay on Timpanogos View N40 30.540 W111 18.677
        (L = Big Pole Canyon trail)
1.1   R (L = Mid Mountain) N40 30.538 W111 18.617
1.2   R (L = Top Loop) N40 30.545 W111 18.520
2.0   R (L = connect to Big Pole) N40 30.628 W111 18.221
2.4   At viewpoint, backtrack N40 30.483 W111 18.052
2.8   R on connector N40 30.628 W111 18.221
3.7   R on Big Pole Canyon N40 30.948 W111 18.348
4.8   Big Pole Canyon road, turn around N40 31.362 W111 18.167
5.9   Straight at connector N40 30.948 W111 18.348
6.5   R (L = Top Loop) N40 30.644 W111 18.542
6.7   R (L = Mid Mountain) N40 30.623 W111 18.629
6.9   R on Timp View (L = uphill) N40 30.540 W111 18.677
7.7   Back at road
Getting there:
From Main Street in Heber, turn east on Center Street. Stay on Center and it will become Lake Creek Road. At just over 5 miles from Main Street, watch for Pole Drive on your left. Follow Pole Drive north uphill. After it reaches its highest point and turns left to the west, park alongside what appears to be a vacant lot at the northernmost apex of the curve in the road. Note a flood-control basin and a trail running west of it. There area trailhead signs, but they're about 100 feet away from the road and hard to notice until you've actually found the trail.

Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2018