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Virgin River Rim Trail Navajo Peak Section
The Navajo Peak section of the Virgin River Rim Trail offers nice out-and-back or loop ride options. This is the most popular segment of the VRRT, usually accessed from Navajo Lake. This ride is intermediate in technical requirement but mildly strenuous due to elevation of 9800 feet.
Trail conditions, alignments, and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2018
Riding directions, counterclockwise "Dike" loop:
0.0   West on DT from TH N37 31.794 W112 48.539
0.4   R on paved road N37 31.887 W112 48.869
0.8   L on ST Virgin River Rim N37 31.992 W112 49.255
2.3   L (R = Navajo Lake Loop) N37 31.253 W112 48.595
4.7   R (L = Navajo CG trail) N37 30.759 W112 47.545
6.0   Straight (L = Spruces CG trail) N37 30.785 W112 46.721
6.8   Spur to viewpoint N37 30.740 W112 46.447
7.1   Fork L on Dike Trail (straight = VRRT)
        N37 30.562 W112 46.142

8.5   L on Navajo Lake Loop N37 30.975 W112 45.625
8.6   R down to road N37 30.994 W112 45.659
        L on road 100 feet
        R on gravel road, west toward dike
8.8   Up to edge of dike, R on dike N37 31.131 W112 45.852
9.3   ST at edge of dike N37 31.478 W112 45.663
9.4   Straight on Navajo Lake Loop N37 31.510 W112 45.662
12.2 At trailhead
Getting there, Navajo Lake Loop trailhead:  From Cedar City, drive up the canyon on U-14 for 25 miles. Turn right on the Navajo Lake road FR 053 and drive 5.4 miles past the lake. Turn right on dirt road at the sign (if you reach Te Ah, you went too far). The road will turn back to the east. Park at the trailhead 0.4 miles from the paved road.  Water: Te Ah campground.  Bathroom:  Lake Loop trailhead.
Cascade Falls overlook trailhead:  Drive to the Navajo Lake road as above. 0.3 miles later, turn left on FR 370 and drive 1.1 miles. Turn right on FR 054 at the sign for Cascade Falls. Drive 1.5 miles and park. The trail cross the road near the parking strip.