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Three Falls and Peak View
Traverse Ridge to Alpine

These two trails will connect southern Draper to northern Alpine. As of July 2017, the route is only complete for the first 4.3 miles from Traverse Ridge's Peak View trailhead. You can ride it  as an out-and-back of 8.6 miles with 1000 total feet of climbing. This page will be updated periodically, but may not reflect the current status as trail construction progresses.

Bruce descends through maples on Three Falls. Tracks, photos, and ride review July 17, 2017.

Peak View

The Peak View trail starts at the Peak View trailhead on the upper Corner Canyon road. This trail has replaced the old routes to Jacob's Ladder and Hog Hollow. (Note July 2017: the Hog Hollow connector trail is not finished.) To ride the Peak View trail, you'll need to pedal there from somewhere else, as the Peak View trailhead is not open to vehicles.

Looking east over the Peak View trailhead. The bike is heading toward the Peak View trail.

The Peak View trail climbs gently through a couple of switchbacks before joining the old Alpine Perimeter trail. At this point, the pitch increases for the next 3/4 mile. This older section has been re-worked a bit to improve the riding and water drainage. You'll enjoy the much-needed addition of trail signs to guide you through old doubletracks at the top.

A gentle climbing grade on the new Peak View replaces some of the mean grunts on the old Jacob's connector.

Peak View is the access route to Hog Hollow, Jacob's, the Three Forks trail. It's 1.6 miles long. The trail climbs 400 vertical feet over the first 1.3 miles, then rolls a flat quarter mile further to the Jacob's Ladder trail fork. 

Drone view looking east. Nice riding.

The first trail fork is 0.7 miles from the trailhead. Keep left and uphill to continue on the Peak View trail. The right fork is the (unfinished) connector to Hog Hollow.

The left fork is Peak View.

On Peak View, you'll climb away from the Salt Lake Valley and cross to the Utah County side of the mountain. On your way, you'll have some nice views in both directions.

Looking to the northwest coming back toward the trailhead.

At mile 1.4, the trail threads through an area of branching doubletrack. At mile 1.6 it joins doubletrack as it approaches a trail fork. The right (doubletrack) fork is the connector uphill to Jacob's Ladder. To continue on to Three Falls, take the singletrack to the right -- not the doubletrack on the far right.

Looking south with Utah Lake in the distance.

Three Falls

The Three Falls trail is currently (July 2017) 2.7 miles long. It begins at the end of the Peak View trail at the Jacob's connector fork. The trail is broad and easy to ride. I'd rate it easy-intermediate or experienced-beginner level, but there are a few dips where creeks cross that non-experts will walk.

Descending east through maple and oak. A bit of Lambert Park can be seen at the upper right.

From west to east, Three Falls drops 500 vertical feet, then regains 100 feet as it skirts the Three Falls subdivision at the top of Fort Canyon. (A connecting trail is anticipated at this "low spot" once subdivision construction is complete.)

Lone Peak can be seen in the upper right.

The rate of descent (and the climb for your return) are gentle and comfortable. There are a four sharp dips through little creeks. I anticipate that a couple of these "water hits" will be replaced by bridges.

Descending towards Alpine's Fort Canyon.

While most of the trail is forested, there will be breakout areas where you'll have views south into Utah Valley.

We're looking over Fort Canyon. My understanding is that a connector trail to Three Falls will be added once the road and infrastructure construction is complete.

At this time (July 2017) the trail ends on the edge of a sharp rock ravine. It's waiting for a bridge to connect through to Alpine. Do NOT try to bushwhack through. The Alpine side is currently closed for construction.

Turn around and begin your ride back out.

Last creek plunge. This one will probably knock you off your pedals. We're about 100 yards from the trail's temporary end.

The remaining trail between Fort Canyon and Schoolhouse Springs will be around two miles. It will descend another 400 vertical feet to connect to the Schoolhouse Springs gravel road at the top of the Alpine Cove subdivision. The trail is almost all cut, but is NOT OPEN. Don't go there.

Looking across the ravine. Once the bridge is complete, that's where we'll continue toward Alpine.


 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Getting there:
You'll need to pedal from another trailhead to Three Peaks, as this trailhead is not currently open to vehicle traffic. The closest auto parking is the Ghost Falls/Jacob's trailhead, one mile lower on the Corner Canyon road. Potato Hill, the Draper Bike Park, and Coyote Hollow are popular launching spots. See the Corner Canyon area page.
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