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Ross Creek Loop
Wada Way and Keetley Trails

There are two connected singletrack loops at the Ross Creek Trailhead for the Jordanelle Perimeter Trail. Together, the loops form an easy 3.5 mile ride that can be done as a figure-eight or a loop. Riding season is mid to late May through November.  The trails lie in Jordanelle State Park -- there's a small fee to park or ride here. (Don't park on the highway! Note there's a ride-in fee if you pedal to Ross Creek from elsewhere.)

Descending on upper Wada Way with Jordanelle in the background. Photos, video, and ride description by Bruce on June 14, 2017.

The trails are suitable for beginners. There are a lot of turns, but they're generous in radius. There are no technical challenges and the pitch is mild. The loop has 350 feet of overall climbing over its 3.5 miles.

Handlebar view toward Bald Mountain at Deer Valley Resort.

The northern loop is Wada Way. It's a mix of sage brush and groves of gambel oak. A loop on Wada Way will use a little bit of the Jordanelle Perimeter trail to connect the downhill ends of upper and lower Wada Way. The Wada Way loop is bisected by the old roadway (now a trail) running from the trailhead to the lake.

The southern loop is Keetley. It begins where Wada Way ends on the Jordanelle Perimeter as it crosses the old roadway. This loop occupies the sage flats and has very little climbing. In the center of the loop are the old roadway and the Jordanelle Perimeter trail.

Climbing through an S turn on Wada Way riding clockwise.

From the Ross Creek trailhead, Wada Way crosses on the far side of the gate. To your right, lower Wada Way descends 1/2 mile to the Jordanelle Perimeter. On the left, upper Wada Way climbs and winds around before descending to meet the Jordanelle Perimeter in 0.9 miles.

The terrain is a mix of sage, bitterbrush and scrub oak, with one little grove of aspen.

Wada Way meets the Jordanelle Perimeter as it's crossing the old roadway trail to the lake. So here are your options:
1 - southbound on Jordanelle Perimeter. Hard left on the wide trail (the perimeter trail formerly followed the roadway, but now has a dirt route).
2 - northbound on Jordanelle Perimeter or a simple Wada Way loop. Straight across the old roadway, and keep right on the wider trail as Keetley forks away on the left.

The views are nice.

3 - Continue with a loop ride. Turn hard left on the Jordanelle Perimeter. After about 50 feet, the upper Keetley singletrack will veer left off the wider Perimeter trail.
4 - Figure-eight ride. Keep straight and cross the old roadway. After about 20 feet on the Jordanelle Perimeter, veer left onto the lower Keetley trail.

Northbound on Keetley.

On its southern end, the Keetley Loop will again cross the Jordanelle Perimeter. The lower side of the loop runs near the shore of the reservoir before climbing to the Jordanelle Perimeter again. (See the map.)

Although the lake is nearby, the only close approach is at the far south end of Keetley, where the old road disappears into the lake.

Bottom Line:
Easy trail both technically and aerobically. A good choice for beginning riders. Nice views over the lake.

Climbing away from the lake through a series of turns on lower Wada Way.

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Riding notes, figure-8 route:
0.0  L after gate (Wada Way)
       N40 39.268 W111 24.837
0.9  Cross old road (Jordanelle)
       N40 38.813 W111 24.681
       20 feet, then L (Keetley)
1.6  Cross old road, veer L
       N40 38.481 W111 24.726
       (R = Jordanelle Perimeter)
2.5  Back at old road, cross
       N40 38.813 W111 24.681
       Keep R on Jordanelle Perimeter
3.0  R on Wada Way
       N40 39.045 W111 24.936
3.5  Back at trailhead
Getting there, Ross Creek Trailhead:  Take the Kamas exit to Highway 248 eastbound from US-40. After cresting the hill and dropping into a small valley around 3 miles from US-40, turn right at the sign for Jordanelle and proceed to the parking area. Pay your fee as you enter parking.

Fee Area! This is a state park. In 2021, entry is $10 per car ($5 senior). Ride-ins are $5 per bicycle. Payment is via self-service envelope, so bring exact change or a checkbook.

Water: none
Bathroom: at trailhead
Camping: State Park on the west side of the lake

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