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Peak View Trailhead Connections
from Traverse Ridge Road and Suncrest Drive

The information on this page will likely become outdated as the trail system on Traverse Ridge is developed. So rather than having this information on individual trail pages, it's here where it can be edited as things change.

Riders may use these connections for:
(1) a shuttled downhill on Rush.
(2) Connecting from Eagle Crest trail.
(3) Starting a ride from uphill.

Note, fall 2016!  There is widespread construction east of upper Suncrest Drive, which has closed most of the connnecting routes. For now, you're on your own. I'll update this page once things settle down.

Stoneleigh:  On Traverse Ridge Road immediately before the 4-way stop, turn east on Stoneleigh Drive. Park in the circle at the end of the road. The singletrack at the end of the trail may be hard to follow in early spring. Short sections are steep with big embedded rocks. The trail joins the 1950 Connector (dirt road) after 1/2 mile for a total of 0.9 miles to Peak View TH.
1950 East: On Suncrest Drive immediately before the 4-way stop, turn north on 1950 East. At the end of the street is a parking circle. The dirt road heading north is the connector. Keep left at intersections and follow the tire tracks. Peak View TH is 0.9 miles.
Suncrest Drive:  On the east side of Suncrest Drive 1/2 mile before the 4-way stop, there's a gravel area at the east side of the road. (Note: if you see a No Trespassing sign and no room to park your vehicle, you're too far down the road.) Take the path on the east side of the fence northbound. Eventually it will turn into doubletrack. You will have to turn 90 degrees left and climb a short hill as the trail approaches the Hog Hollow Trail. It's 0.8 miles to Peak View.
Riding resources:
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GPX tracks (R-click, "save as..."):
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      Draper area multi-track file