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Pahvant Trail System
Kiln-It and Cairn-Age Area

The Pahvant system lies on the hillside west of I-70 in Richfield. The singletrack trails are fun and well-built, ranging from easy to expert. For Wasatch Front riders, this system is worth the trip. The expected riding season would be mid-May through October. This page covers the trails on the lower mountain. Other upper-area trails are a work in progress as of 2019 and are described on upper Pavant web page.

Bruce climbs the twisting Kiln-It trail up through the power line corridor. Video, photos, GPS and ride description September 13, 2019.

The trails are well-marked and easy to follow once you get there. It's obvious a lot of TLC went into crafting these trails, with good alignment choices and well-engineered bermed turns. You can do loop rides of differing lengths, an out-and-back (on Kiln-It), or a shuttled downhill with several riding options. A great eight-mile starter ride is to climb Kiln-It to the ridgeline, then turn onto Cairn-Age for the downhill.

Rolling downhill on Cairn-Age.


The trailhead is at 5500 feet elevation, right off the northern Richfield I-70 exit. Go west as you exit the interstate (away from the city) and the pavement will end in around 100 yards. To your right is a large gravel area, which is an ATV-unloading lot. If you park here, the smaller gravel road across from you is the path to the singletrack.

Looking southwest from the parking area just off the northern Richfield I-70 exit. On weekends, this will be your parking spot. The trail begins as gravel road just across from the parking lot.

Local riders drive down the small gravel road parallel to the freeway for 1/2 mile and park where the road splits. There's room for a couple of cars to park here on the side of the road.

There's a right-hand arrow on a carsonite post where the larger road splits into two smaller ATV tracks, directing the bike traffic to turn 90 degrees right. About 50 yards uphill, the Kiln-It singletrack connector trail drops to cross Cottonwood Creek, then meanders over to the bottom of Kiln-It at the doubletrack.

Starting uphill on Kiln-It. Unless you're doing a shuttle, Kiln-It is your best route to the other trails in the Pahvant system.

The two main bike trails on the lower mountain area are Kiln-It (two-way) and Cairn-Age (downhill). The lower half of both Kiln-It and Cairn-Age are significantly easier than the upper half. There's a connector at mid-mountain, so beginners can do a short loop while intermediates continue uphill for a larger tougher loop.

Climbing away from Richfield on Kiln-It. First the white dirt and next comes the red dirt.

Kiln-It Trail

Kiln-It is 4.1 miles long, with a climb of 1000 vertical feet. It starts on the doubletrack along the freeway and ends on FR096. It's two-way traffic, so you can do any portion of the trail as an out-and-back.

Kiln-It has a connector to the midpoint of Cairn-Age at mile 2.0, with a second fork to the top of Cairn-Age at 3.3 miles. If you climb to the top of Kiln-It, you can continue uphill on FR 096 to the top of the Faulty singletrack -- discussed on the second Pahvant trail page. (At this time, the two-way Faulty trail has not been completed down to the lower trails.)

Heading up Kiln-It in the lower white dirt.

The lower 2 miles of Kiln-It is non-technical. A strong beginner should be able to climb this first half of the trail, perhaps with a rest break or two.

Rolling a big berm while climbing Kiln-It.

Lower Kiln-It and Cairn-Age can be combined for an easy four-mile loop by taking a short connecting trail at mid-mountain. Climb Kiln-It to mile 2.0, then turn right on the signed trail fork to the Cairn-Age connector. The connector hits Cairn-Age after around 100 yards, where you'll turn to the right downhill.

Bruce passes the short connector trail to mid Cairn-Age.

After passing the connector to the middle of Cairn-Age at mile 2, Kiln-It gets a bit steeper and you'll hit some more-technical stretches of rock. The 1.3 miles of Kiln-It between the Cairn-Age connector and the top of Cairn-Age would rate upper-intermediate in difficulty.

Threading through the rocks on upper Kiln-It.

For a longer XC ride, just climb Kiln-It to the top. Kiln-It can be done as an out-and-back, as it's two-way traffic. For stronger XC riders a trip from the I-70 parking to the top of Kiln-It (at FR096) and back down via Cairn-Age is 9.1 miles with around 1050 feet of climbing.

Drone view as Bruce crosses from Kiln-It over to Cairn-Age, with Richfield in the background.

Down from the top...

To shuttle the ride, leave one car at the bottom. Now go back under the freeway and drive into Richfield on Main Street. Turn right on 300 North. Pass the ATV parking lot and go under I-70. Now stay on the broad gravel/dirt road for 2.2 miles. Watch for the small trail sign on your right. Find a spot for your car and begin pedaling north on Kiln-It. You will begin -- and end -- your ride on Kiln-It, but you can hit Hi Line, Cairn-Age, and Snake Bite on your way down.

Heading downhill into the trail fork between Kiln-It and Hi Line shortly after leaving FR096.

Hi Line Trail

When heading downhill from FR096, your first trail option is at mile 0.3. Left on singletrack is Kiln-It. Right continues ATV track for 100 feet, then you'll drop to the right on singletrack Hi Line.

Hi Line has two expert-level rock drops in the middle of easier cruising. The first drop is a bit more dangerous, and intermediates may want to walk this one. Hi Line rejoins Kiln-It after 0.3 miles.

Looking down a rock drop on Hi Line, with an initial 3-foot vertical down to the bumpy ramp.

If you elect to take Kiln-It all the way to the bottom, just stay to the right at the trail intersections and you'll reach the bottom after 4.1 miles. Early-intermediates and experienced beginners can manage this trip.

View north from the upper Kiln-It about 1/2 mile from FR096 after Hi Line rejoins. 

Cairn-Age Trail

At mile 0.9 from the top of Kiln-It, Cairn-Age forks away on your left. Cairn-Age has some expert sections that can be managed by confident upper-intermediates. It's 1.9 miles down Cairn-Age before it rejoins Kiln-It.

A paver-stone highway on the ridgeline heading away from Kiln-It.

The first half mile of Cairn-Age is the most technical. Skilled intermediate riders can manage this upper portion of the trail with a few walk-overs. This downhill is a lot of fun.

After the Snake Bite fork, Cairn-Age is a bit more tame. But watch out. Between the swooping turns are many rock-drops. Most of them have ride-arounds. Some drops you'll simply have to hit. Intermediates, keep up enough speed that you don't drop your nose over a rock and endo!

Heading into a fun and scenic ridgeline section of Cairn-Age.

Cairn-Age ends on Kiln-It. The trail fork aims you downhill, but you can whip the bike around for another trip up the mountain on Kiln-It.

Or you can coast 0.6 miles down Kiln-It to the bottom.

Hitting the banked turn just before Cairn-Age ends on Kiln-It.

Snake Bite

Snake Bite is a detour off Cairn-Age, 0.7 miles downhill from the top. Like Cairn-Age, Snake Bite is one-way downhill. It starts as a long straight rock-fest. Keep your butt off the seat and work the bike intelligently, or you will -- surprise! -- flatten your tire with a snakebite.

Handlebar view looking down Snake Bite. Lots of ledges and roll-overs.

After getting through the top rock 'n bang 'n jump section of Snake Bite, the trail settles into a blazing fast downhill dirt ribbon.

Snake Bite rejoins Cairn-Age after 0.8 miles. Keep straight and continue downhill on Cairn-Age. Your first chance to turn around and head back uphill will come at the end of Cairn-Age.

Drone shot as Bruce flies down lower Snake Bite.

Loop ride with Kiln-It, Cairn-Age and Snake Bite...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Getting there:
At the north Richfield exit from I-70, turn north (toward the mountains). As the pavement ends, turn right into the ATV parking area. Start the ride by crossing the main road to the small gravel road heading southwest parallel to the freeway. After 1/2 mile, follow the trail sign by turning right on a smaller gravel ATV track. (Note there's room for a couple of cars here where the doubletrack splits.) Veer left onto singletrack after 0.1 mile.
Alternate parking:  From Richfield's Main Street, turn west on 300 North. As you approach the freeway, turn left into the ATV parking lot. Pedal under I-70 to head uphill on FR096 to reach the top of Kiln-It.

Bathrooms: none at trailheads (businesses nearby)

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