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Longview Trail

The Longview trail lies on the Alpine side of Draper's Corner Canyon/Traverse Ridge trail system. Longview extends from the lower Hog Hollow trail (right at the end of Fango and Achtung Baby) up to the top elevation of the Peakview trail. New in late 2020, Longview is primarily used as a climbing route, often combined with Porcupine and Achtung Baby for a loop ride.

Heading northeast through tall oak groves while climbing the Longview trail. Photos and trail review by Bruce on May 27, 2021.

The elevation at the bottom of Longview is 5250 feet, with the upper end of its continuation (called Turkey Road) at 6250. The trail will usually be dry and ready to ride by mid-May. It is suitable for strong beginners, but loop rides and further exploration at the top requires intermediate skill or better.

Entry to Longview from the Hog Hollow trail. It's a 150-degree turn to your right when climbing Hog Hollow, but a straight shot if you're coming from uphill (from Fango or Achtung Baby).

From the valley, Longview can be reached by climbing Hog Hollow Creek to Hog Hollow. (Or starting at Angel Gate for Hog Hollow.) Or, you can traverse from the south Maple Hollow trailhead via Woods Hollow then Fango.

You can arrive at the top of Longview either by climbing Peakview from Corner Canyon (the closest trailhead in Corner Canyon is the Peakview trailhead where the Peakview Trail starts), or by climbing Three Falls from Alpine.

Early in the climb. That's Timpanogos just behind the first row of Wasatch Front hills.

Longview itself is exactly 3 miles in length. The singletrack is a smooth bench-cut with a gradual but steady rate of climb (around 200 vertical feet per mile). Longview officially ends where it joins an old (unused) dirt road called Turkey Road, which continues uphill.

The final 0.5 miles of the climb to Peakview is singletrack on the grade of the old dirt road called Turkey Road (vehicles are no longer allowed here). This part of the climb has steeper sections of around 10% slope. Not horrible at all, but you might have to hit your granny gear.

Heading northeast toward Lone Peak and Ram's Horn.

The Longview trail is an easy ride and is suitable for beginners. Most beginners will want to do Longview as an out-and-back, both for a shorter ride and to avoid the steeper sections on old Turkey Road. To reach Peakview, less-strong riders may have to push the bike up a few slopes. I'd rate Turkey Road as intermediate simply because of the climbing rate.

The terrain is groves of oak with small meadows. To the northeast, there will be frequent views of Lone Peak. To the east is Box Elder peak. The view southeast features the Wasatch Front with Timpanogos just behind. To the south is Utah Valley, with views over the lake.

Looking southwest. The little white strip next to the water storage reservoir is Angel Gate parking. At the top of the photo are Utah Lake and Lake Mountain.

At mile 4.0 from the Angel Gate trailhead (3.6 from the bottom of Achtung Baby) you'll reach the Peakview trail. There's 1050 vertical feet of climbing on the way up from Angel Gate. But only beginners will find the climb particularly taxing.

The rides you'll find at the top require at least intermediate skills. When Turkey Road ends on Peakview, a right turn will take you to the Jacob's Ladder access trail and to the Three Falls trail.

Near the top, with around 1/2 mile to go before Turkey Road. The trail winds in and out of multiple small canyons.

A left turn on Peakview offers lots of ride options. Many riders are choosing a loop ride, descending Peakview to Porcupine downhill, then crossing upper Hog Hollow to Achtung Baby for the rest of the descent back to the bottom of Longview.

If you bypass Porcupine and continue down the Peakview trail, it will deliver you to the big Peakview trailhead (bathrooms, tools, etc!), where you can connect to Clark's, Canyon Hollow, Rush, and Ann's trail.

Here's Turkey Road. Pretty mellow at first, but it gets steeper!

Another (fun but longer) loop option goes to the east. This loop combines Hog Hollow Creek, Longview, Three Falls, Fort Canyon, and Vista Ridge. At the bottom, there's a 2.1-mile road return on city streets in Alpine to tie Vista Ridge back to Hog Hollow Creek (the entry on Westfield Road is unmarked but easily spotted).

View from the top. That's Box Elder Peak on the right; Lone Peak, Ram's Horn and Chipman Peak on the left.

Bottom Line:
A great addition to Draper's south-side trail system, nicely built and easy to ride. Intermediate riders will enjoy the Longview-Achtung Baby loop.

We've descended the first half of Peakview to reach Porcupine. We're headed for Achtung Baby for the loop ride.

Riding notes, Longview to Achtung Baby loop from Angel Gate:
0.0  Exit parking northbound on Hog Hollow Creek
       Quickly turn left in the dip
0.1  Left on Hog Hollow
0.4  Hard right onto Longview
3.5  Longview joins Turkey Road, keep left
4.0  Left on Peakview
4.8  Hard left onto Porcupine
5.7  Cross Hog Hollow to Achtung Baby connector,
       150 feet, then left to descend.
6.0  Hard R on Two Hollows
6.1  Left on Achtung Baby
7.4  R on Hog Hollow
7.8  Back at trailhead

Getting there:

Angel Gate at Spring Hollow (upper Hog Hollow and top of Hog Hollow Creek): On Westfield Road, turn uphill (north) on Beacon Hill Blvd. Drive 0.5 miles, then as Beacon Hill turns to the right (east), turn left on Lighthouse Drive to continue straight north uphill. Lighthouse will become Angel Gate. Keep straight until you pass the irrigation facility, then park. At the northeast corner of the fence, a doubletrack descends east across the hollow. Immediately after crossing the creek, turn left on Hog Hollow.

No water or restrooms at Angel Gate.

For other nearby trailheads, see the pages for Woods Hollow, Eagle Crest, Peakview, and Fort Canyon.


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     Hog Hollow area multi-track file 
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