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Kayenta Pickleball Trails
(School Trust Trail System)

The Kayenta trail system is a web of loops on school trust land south of Kayenta. At this time, new trails are still being added (November 2019). There are easy loops at both trailheads, plus a rather complex web of short intermediate singletrack trails to explore if you venture further. There's around 5 miles of trail, but you'll run up around 8 miles if you're trying to hit everything. The elevation is 3000 feet, with year-round riding (if trails are dry or firmly frozen).

Looking north towards the rusty cliffs. Trail review by Bruce on November 9, 2019.

There are two entries to the trail system. One is at the pickleball court in Kayenta. This is on Kwavasa Drive just 100 yards off the Kayenta Parkway. From the far end of the parking area, there's a cindered path leading south. 100 feet later a gate lets you enter the trail system. There's no bathroom at this trailhead.

Starting from the pickleball court. The cindered path that leads to the trail system gate.

The second access is on Old US 91 just past Ivins (0.7 miles before the main entrance to Kayenta -- the Kayenta Parkway). Old 91 will drop into a shallow dip and you'll see a sign on your left for the gravel road leading 0.2 miles to the Anasazi trailhead. The entry to the trails is on the right (north) side of Old US 91, right across from the Anasazi entrance. There's room for a couple of vehicles to park here on the side of the road.

There's a bathroom at the Anasazi trailhead. Note that crossing the highway can be a problem for kids, as there's heavy traffic on most weekends.

Southern entry gate on Old US 91. The easy lariat loop is straight ahead.

The north (pickleball court) entry gives quick access to more intermediate trails, and may be less confusing. The south (US 91) entry has very easy trails but they're short. There's a single connector trail across the wash that links the two sides of the system. You may spend some time trying to find it if you don't use a map.

If you're riding with kids, use the north entry for trails west of the wash; the south entry for trails east of the wash. 

The typical terrain is low scrub, but there are some nice trees on the easier trails east of the wash.

Immediately at the southern gate, there's a trail fork. If you go straight, it will take you to a nice lariat loop with a few meander options. The connector to the west-side trails is just up this trail -- go 0.15 miles then fork to the left and drop through the wash.

At the gate, the right fork crosses the dirt road, then follows the bottom edge of the bluff northbound. It will join the lariat loop.

Hugging the edge of the bluff east of the wash.

If you enter from the pickleball court trailhead, there's a nice easy loop immediately past the gate. Fork right uphill and follow it around until it returns you back to the same spot.

The Kayenta cliffs form a constant backdrop.

There are two elongated intermediate-level loops on the western side. There's a northern loop and a southern loop. The loop routes may be hard to visualize because of multiple connectors. See the map.

Heading south.

There are multiple possible loop combinations. It helps to track where you've been. There are so many trail forks that it's easy to get confused. But don't sweat it. The area is small and it's all good. Eventually, you'll figure out how to get to all of it.

There are several washes passing through the area. The big wash splits the riding area into a northwestern side and a southeastern side, with a single trail passing through the wash to join the sides. 

Note that -- in 2019 -- there is ONE single trail sign at the north end just after you enter the riding area. Otherwise, gazillions of non-marked trail forks wait for you to venture forth and explore.

Most of the trail is dirt ribbon like this. There are some rocky spots.

  A cruise around the northern Pickleball loop...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Bottom Line:
Nice trails. Not epic or exotic, but decent riding without much effort. You can easily put in a non-strenuous 11 miles exploring the system. Mostly, it will be the Kayenta and Ivins locals hitting these trails. But if you're in St George and looking for something new, this little trail system is worthwhile. The narrow singletrack flows really well.

Here's a tiny slickrock play zone just past the end of the northern loop.

Getting there:
Drive through St.George to Sunset Blvd, which will become Santa Clara Blvd as it enters Santa Clara. Climb the hill as the road becomes Old US 91 heading westbound past Ivins. As the road drops into a small shallow valley, note the Anasazi parking entrance on your left. (There's a large parking area with a bathroom at that trailhead, 0.2 miles from the highway.) The entry gate to the trail system is on the north side of the highway, directly across from the gravel entry road. True beginners and children may enter here to use the easier trails that lie just east of the wash -- straight ahead as you go through the gate.
To reach the pickleball parking entrance, continue northwest on Old US 91 around 0.7 mile. Turn right onto Kayenta Parkway. After another 0.7 mile, turn right on Kwavasa Drive and go 100 yards. Then right into the gravel parking lot at the pickleball courts. From this entry, there's a very easy loop that forks to the left (uphill side) just after you go through the gate.

Please view the higher-resolution map (link below) for a closer look at the trails.

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