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Herriman Foothills

The Herriman singletrack trail system is a work in progress, begun late in 2013. The system is planned to expand to around 20 miles, with connections to the Rose Canyon Trails and Butterfield Canyon on the north and a future southbound Bonneville Shoreline Trail. For now, it provides another "off-season" low-altitude riding opportunity.

From the south end of the Juniper Crest Loop, we're looking east across the valley. Photos and description by Bruce on August 25, 2014.

Juniper Crest Loop
The Juniper Crest loop is 4.8 miles, with a connection to the unfinished Firebreak Trail. In this area there are multiple old four-wheeler trails that cross, plus a couple of shortcuts and connectors. For your first ride, it's best to start at the connector just south of the church on Juniper Crest Drive and ride the loop counterclockwise.

Note 2017:  Inside the Juniper Crest loop, construction of a new homes and roads is beginning. This has affected the route in some spots. (The trail is a permanent Herriman City route, and with reroutes, will continue to exist.)

This is what you're looking for. Just to the right of this photo is the church. As you start out, be sure to quickly veer right on singletrack uphill, leaving the old ATV path along the road.

The trail has about 300 feet of elevation change over the course of the loop. The church trailhead starts at mid-altitude and climbs to the loop. So you'll have an initial climb of 150 vertical feet, then as you close the loop you'll climb the whole 300 before dropping back down to Juniper Crest Drive. Overall climbing will be about 600 vertical feet.

Near the south end of the loop, we're seeing Lone Peak and Timpanogos towering over Traverse Ridge.

The trail is an easy ride. There's nothing tricky. After the initial climb from the church, fork left to get onto the loop at mile 0.3. The trail will head southeast along the edge of the mountains. Ignore any crossing dirt roads.

At 1.7 miles, the Blazing Saddles trail descends a wash down to the Mountain View Corridor (mile 2.4). (There's no connection here, the trail simply rides along the fence for a short distance.)

An outcrop of weathered limestone guards the side of the wash. 

The trail then turns and climbs along a shallow canyon back up to the homes of Herriman. As first enter the gulch, keep to the right at a trail fork at mile 3.4 for the Patriot Gulch trail. (The left path shown on the map below -- and as found in my GPS track of the loop -- goes into the construction area and as of spring 2017 is bulldozed at some points.)

Climbing northwest back toward the homes.

Continue west on the paved path at mile 3.6, climbing uphill. Pass under Juniper Crest to singletrack and keep climbing straight-ish uphill. Keep straight as you pass a connector on the left at mile 4.1.

After the trail veers left on steeper slope, you'll arrive at a 4-way at mile 4.3. To complete the loop, keep straight and level as a trail heads uphill (Firebreak) on your right and another trail angles to the left downhill (see map).

At mile 4.6, you're back at the connector to Juniper Crest.


 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Firebreak Trail
From the western corner of the loop described above, the unfinished Firebreak Trail climbs 1.2 miles to a dead end. Eventually (according to the city planning document) it will be 17 miles long. It will connect to the Blackridge Trail (see below), and will extend on to Rose Canyon.

Note 2016:  The Firebreak Trail should be considered closed for now, while homeowner complaints and right-of-way issues are resolved.

Looking northwest near the connector of Firebreak to the loop.

For now, the trail should be considered an out-and-back. (Many riders are hiking their bikes through the steep ravine to get over to Blackridge, but I can't say I recommend this.) There will be 350 vertical feet of climbing after you leave the Juniper Crest loop.

To get on the trail directly from Juniper Crest Drive, ride up from the trailhead south of the church. At mile 0.3, keep straight. (The trail on the right goes north past the church at lower altitude, and the trail on the left is the loop ride.)

Climbing a bit higher, to the east we can see most of the Wasatch Range from Ogden to Springville.

At mile 0.6, keep left and uphill. The trail will climb around and into the canyon, then begin to switchback up the hill. At mile 1.8 from the trailhead, the route ends (2014). 

Looking northeast. The switchbacks in mid-photo are the route we took to get here.

Blackridge Trail
The Blackridge Trail extends from the Blackridge pond to Friendship Drive. It will climb 400 vertical feet up and over the hill to end 2.7 miles later on Friendship Drive. (There's no parking lot or official trailhead there.) There are some great views at the top.

Looking southeast from the hill above Blackridge Pond.

This trail starts at the west end of the parking lot for Blackridge Pond. Go to the far end of the parking lot. Start northbound on the paved trail along the reservoir, but 50 feet later veer left onto dirt trail. 

The trail climbs through a burn scar from the big fire a couple of years ago.

The climbing is fairly sustained, but not unpleasant. This trail is a bit bumpier due to embedded rock but still technically easy.

At mile 1.5, you'll crest the ridge. Stop among the weathered granite boulders and take in the views. On a clear day, you can see north all the way to Ogden and south to the mountains east of Utah Valley.

On the ridge at the top, 5600 feet elevation. The rocks are granite from the igneous intrusion that created the copper deposits at Bingham Canyon mine.

Just before Friendship Drive, keep right at the trail fork. (The graveled trail to the left goes over a little bump on the hillside then descends north on a path that takes you between homes for about 1/2 mile.)

View to the north.

Loop from Juniper Crest, counterclockwise:
0.0  West on ST from road
        N40 28.737 W112 00.500
        Veer R uphill on ST
0.3   L on loop N40 28.598 W112 00.577
1.7   Begin descent
2.4   Riding near road
3.4   Keep R N40 28.866 W112 00.318
3.6   L on paved trail N40 28.973 W112 00.418
        ST after passing under road
4.1   Keep straight (L = shortcut)
        N40 28.794 W112 00.744
4.3   Keep straight (L=Firebreak, R=to shortcut)
        N40 28.709 W112 00.762
4.6   L downhill N40 28.598 W112 00.577
4.9   Back at road
Getting there:  First, let me caution you. Street names in this area often change as you go through a stop sign. And the names on the signs are often not the same as what you see on your auto GPS or on Google Maps. Yeah, it's kinda retarded. But print my map (link below) and take it with you. Look carefully at the street layout as you follow my directions and you won't get lost.
Church trailhead on Juniper Crest:  From the Bangerter Highway, turn west onto 13400 South and drive 2/3 mile. Turn left (south) at the Mountain View Corridor and drive about a mile. At the traffic light, turn right onto Rosecrest Road. After 1/2 mile, turn left onto Juniper Crest. (Caution! the street signs north of Rosecrest give Juniper Crest another name!) Immediately after you pass the church 0.7 miles later, park at the roadside. The trail begins at the big boulders on the right side of the road immediately after the second entry to church parking.
Blackridge trailhead:  Get onto Juniper Crest as above. As you see yourself leaving the dense homes and are approaching a bridge across a ravine, turn right onto Ambermont Drive. (Again, caution. The continuation of Ambermont east of Juniper Crest has a different name.) Over the next half-mile, Ambermont goes southwest, then west, then turns to northwest. Now fork left on Aurora Vista. Quickly turn right into the parking area when you see Blackridge Pond. The trail starts at the far end of the parking strip.
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