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Overflow Trail
(Greens Lake Lichen It Extension)

The Lichen It Extension to Greens Lake Drive was completed in November 2016 as an addition to the Iron Hills trail system. At the time of this writing, it appears that the trail will be named Overflow. The distance from the Lichen It junction with Lava Flow to Greens Lake Drive is 2.5 miles. This section is early-intermediate in technical difficulty.

The trail's twists and turns are hard to see here, but it's a fun ride. Photos and review by Bruce on November 19, 2016.

A note from the author...
I'm giving the Overflow Trail its own separate page. Maybe that's temporary. But as I rode this trail on its Grand Opening day, it didn't seem like "More of Lichen It" but it wasn't "Upper Lava Flow" either. So I'll show this trail as separate from both Lichen It and Lava Flow for now. And because "The Greens Lake Lichen It Extension" doesn't roll off the tongue quickly, I'll use "Greens Lake" as shorthand for this trail so you know I'm talking about this specific segment of trail. Once the trail has an officially-confirmed formal name, it will be time to get new (non-snowed-out) photos and make a new map. The trail plan is for a continuous route up to the top of the C Trail.
To climb Overflow, you'll first need to climb Lichen It. Start at the Southview trailhead in south Cedar City. You'll climb from 5950 feet elevation to 6450 over 2.8 miles of fairly easy but fun singletrack.

At the top of Lichen It, fork left uphill when you see the entry to Lava Flow. (In 2016, there isn't a trail sign yet, and the turn to Overflow -- through a rock garden -- is anything but obvious.)

Improved and fenced trailhead parking area at the end of Shurtz Canyon Drive.

If you're a shuttle monkey DHer, you can start at the top. Greens Lake Drive forks off Old 91 just before Shurtz Canyon Drive (the street that takes you to the trailhead). The pavement will turn to a gravel road and climb up toward some homes on the hill. About two miles uphill, watch for a doubletrack on the right with a trail marker. That's the trail. The doubletrack will go south 100 yards and end in a corral area. The gate through the fence straight ahead is the start of the singletrack. 

My Rocky Mountain Blizzard fat bike, leaning against the gatepost at the singletrack entry at the top of the trail. I climbed the trail. In the snow. No shuttle for this guy.

For climbers, Overflow is significantly more strenuous than lower Lichen It. (Keep in mind that this comparison was done while riding in unpacked snow.) While a lot of the trail is mellow and flattish, the climbs following the little dips are much steeper. Turns are a bit tighter and a bit steeper. I didn't notice any tricky rock stuff, but then again, the rocks would have been hidden under a few inches of snow.

After spending yesterday playing on conglomerate and dirt at Wire Mesa, little Snowflake is happy to get snow under her tires again.

You'll lose some elevation on downhills, then have to grunt to get it back. The singletrack ends at almost 7000 feet elevation at a corral just off the gravel Greens Lake road. The whole climb from Southview trailhead to the trail's end yielded 1100 total vertical feet of climbing, with a total distance of 5.2 miles.

The trail has almost constant shallow dips. You can't see it, but there's a hairpin turn ahead where the sun is hitting the snow..

At the top of Overflow, you can continue uphill on the gravel Greens Lake Drive to reach the top of the C Trail. After a DH run on the C Trail, you can catch the paved East Bench Trail back to Old 91 near the freeway. From here, it's a short pedal to retrace your car's path to the trailhead parking.

Looking west.

Views are rare, but occasionally there will be a break in the trees allowing you to see the Cedar City area to the west. Not high-voltage views by Utah standards.

The terrain is a mixture of pinion pine and juniper. The understory is mostly bare dirt and rock cobble with an occasional manzanita or pitiful weed.

Yesterday's sun has exposed a bit of dirt high on the mountain. This photo is facing north, about 1/2 mile from the top.

As a downhill, Overflow is a lot of fun. But it's not all down. You'll need to climb a few steepish pitches and a couple of S-turns when you plunge through ravines.

***Similar to Licken It, this trail could make a good snow ride. But don't count on riders from Cedar to pack it down for you. I made the first tracks on the trail's announced Grand Opening day, a Saturday, two days after the snowstorm. I saw no one, uphill or down.***

A turn in the snow.

Bottom Line:
Good stuff. I'll be doing this trail again. And not just to get some non-snow photos. It's a good uphill ride and a riot to ride downhill.

Looking north.

Riding notes, climb to Greens Lake road:
0.0  Through gate east of parking
       N37 38.699 W113 04.894
       Left on Lichen It
0.1  Keep L (R = Lava Flow)
       N37 38.677 W113 04.811
2.8  Fork L uphill on Greens Lake
      (Straight ahead = Lava Flow)
       N37 38.342 W113 04.626
5.0  Gate, straight ahead to DT
       N37 38.306 W113 03.518
5.1  At Greens Lake gravel road
       N37 38.355 W113 03.524
Getting there:
At the southern I-15 Cedar City exit (Exit 57 to Cross Hollow Road and Highway 130), turn east onto Highway 130. Immediately turn right (south) from 130 onto Old Highway 91. Drive 0.3 miles. Watch for the sign for Southview Trailhead and turn left on Shurtz Canyon Drive. Now stay on Shurtz Canyon Drive to the trailhead and find a spot to park. The Lichen It Trail is to the east (uphill) from where you entered the parking lot. Once you're through the gate, turn left N37 38.699 W113 04.894.

Bathrooms:  None as of 2015 (gas stations 1/2 mile away)
Water:  None at trailhead
Camping:  None at trailhead (recommend Three Peaks)

One-page printable trail guide
GPS track files (right-click and "Save as..."):
     GPX LichenIt/GreensLake climb   Greens Lake only
     Multi-track area files
Topo map for printing:    View high-res topo
Lodging, camping, shops:     Links to Cedar City area resources

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