Microflate Nano CO2 mini-pump
Small, lightweight. Includes one threaded cartridge. Fits Shraeder or  Presta valve. For fast inflation on the race course, or any time! Pumps a 2.1" mountain bike tire to 40 PSI. Total weight 20 gm.

Mini-pump  $11.95   [Buy it]
Additional cartridges 5 for $8.75

(threaded, 16 gm each)

Kool-Stop disc brake pads, all types
We've got great prices on disc brake pads. These Kool-Stop pads work better than any we've found.  [Pick pad]
Biking Power workout DVD
This is Bruce's famous-for-being-brutal training DVD, designed to give you burst power and toughness. Use it at home on your resistance trainer to emerge from the winter tougher than ever!
Biking Power  $14.95  [More Info]