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Photo:  Wire Mesa

"New and Improved" Thunder Mountain trail page
I've expanded the trail information and added over 20 new photos. So you'll really understand what you're missing if you don't go ride this Classic Must-Ride Trail!   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Spinal Tap review!
Lots of challenges on this ride. Hiked down a spooky double-drop in front of the local high school team, acted like it was because they were working on a ride-around trail, but really I was scared stiff. So I've revised the upper Pahvant page with new photos and ride information!   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Mountain Biking with a Cardiac Pacemaker
Yeah, it's a little early for Bruce to be writing an "everything about pacemakers" article for mountain bikers.  But somebody had to do it. And the article will be expanded as Bruce learns more. Like our First Aid pages, this information will be used by non-cyclists as well.    Pacemaker page...  June 2021. 

Fabulous Slate Creek
This is what you've always wanted. A trail in the Uintah Mountains built specifically for biking. Trailhead on the Mirror Lake Highway right across from lower Beaver Creek. Fun loop ride with a swooping downhill and the occasional rock garden.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Tank Run and Big Red
Lots of fun options at Richfield! If you're wondering what this system is like, read my new expanded trail review of the lower Pahvant trails! TLDR version: it's an awesome collection of wonderfulness.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Fabulous little trail system at the mouth of Farmington Canyon. Great stuff crammed into a small area. Get your laps in. There's plenty of jumps and fun stuff on 5 different downhill trails.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Traverse Traverse
This fabulous trail connects western Ann's Trail of the Corner Canyon system to Mo-mentum of Lehi's Traverse Mountain trail system. Great ride by itself, with twisting shady trail in the maples and wide open views of mountains and valleys at the top.  Trail page...  May 2021. 

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Longview Trail
The Longview Trail is that climbing route in Hog Hollow that you've been waiting for! Extends from the bottom of Fango/Achtung Baby up to the tippy-top of the Peakview Trail.  Trail page...  May 2021. 

St George Airport Trails!
Here's the info on this trail system, popular with locals but hard for northerners to find. These trails hug the western side of the bluff near the new airport. Trails range from easy to expert, with plenty of rock and views. Trail page now includes a video.  Trail page...  February 2021. 

"The Bruce Blues Band"
Those insane mountain biking songs that appear regularly on the UMB facebook page?   I've put links to some of the videos using these songs on the Goodies section "Video index page" of this website.  Or go to the YouTube channel and select the Bruce Blues Band playlist.  And if you want the songs themselves, they're available on CD or as mp3s in our  Goodies "Biker Blues" section!

How are the trail videos made?
I (Bruce) get a lot of questions about what cameras I use and how I handle all that equipment out on the trail. Rather than type the same answers on YouTube or Facebook again and again, I've created this page so I can just copy the URL.   Go to "How I do Video"  page...    


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