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Photo: The Gander, Gooseberry Mesa's most recent news stories...

Creed and Nirvana trails in Eagle Mountain...
More great riding in Eagle Mountain. These trails span the gap between the Treadstone trail and the Pony Express Parkway. Good stuff, and virtually free of snow.   Trail page...    December, 2017.

Shuttle parking for Maple Hollow DH!
The Oak Hollow trailhead on Traverse Ridge Road is now fenced and official. As you finish the DH, you must turn right downhill and go to the BST, cross under the road, then climb up to the trailhead on the north side of the road. We hear that vehicles parked elsewhere along Traverse Ridge Road may receive tickets.   Trail page...    December, 2017.

New routing on Twilight Zone at Three Peaks
I ran into an unmarked trail fork that kinda messed me up -- I didn't know what trail I was on, all the way to the Petrified Whales - Three Peaks intersection. So my new map shows the option. Also, a trail video that will have you drooling for Three Peaks.    Trail page...    December, 2017.

Update to City Creek Trail page!
Not exactly a renowned favorite, the City Creek trail is worth doing if you're hungry to taste ALL the trails in the St. George area. It's a bit too techy for casual riders, yet too short for hardcore out-of-towners. But it's fun, and it's right on the edge of town, and it's a quick ride. And if you're curious, I made a video.    Trail page...    December, 2017.

Updated Temple Quarry Trail in St. George
This is a trail to an abandoned quarry on Black Hill used by the early settlers to harvest blocks of basalt. I can see this trail from my house, but it's been 15 years since the last time I rode it.  Trail page...    December, 2017.

New stuff for Antelope Island
Lots of variety in the trails of Antelope. But what they all have in common is awesome views. More trail information and a rock-bashing video on the updated page.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Feeling Lazy and want to take it EZ?
Due to the mobs of riders who love the Lazy-EZ loop, it's now one-way counterclockwise. Updating the trail page was an excuse to make a trail video. See why this trail is so popular.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Back to the Klonzo riding area!
The most under-rated riding area in Moab. Solid intermediate trails like Dunestone with a gazillion connection options, easy family stuff like Carousel, and nice expert stuff like Gravitron. Three new trail videos show you what it's like.   Klonzo North trail page...    Carousel trail page...   Gravitron-VertiGo trail page...      November, 2017.

Black Dragon Wash...  an update
15 miles west of Green River, right off Interstate 70, there's a ride that you share with motos -- but it's worth it. Watch the new trail video and see if it interests you.    Trail page...    November, 2017.

Barrel Trail updated page and video.
Not Barrel Roll! Also called Barrel Ride, this is a techy ride above Green Valley near St. George. New ramps and marked routes through the sandstone.  And a new trail video.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Another awesome bit of unknown rock.
Pioneer Rim was one of the first trails I rode in St. George. Rode up from a motel in the 90s. Not many people ride it, or even know it's there. Too bad. Check out the video!   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Updated trailhead info for Dino Cliffs. Plus video.
It says a lot about St. George that a trail nobody cares about, or goes out of their way to ride, is soooo good. Dino Cliffs.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Hog Hollow Creek singletrack!  And Porcupine!
Yeah, the connection between Hog Hollow and Porcupine was closed by construction yesterday. But they said they'd be out of the way for riders by the next day. Take your chances. The Hog Hollow page has been updated to include Hog Hollow Creek and the Porcupine connector to Peak View.   Trail page...    October, 2017.

Freemason Trail in Park City
Freemason, Lost Prospector, and Skid Row are now updated on the Lost Prospector Loop page. New photos, a video, and more detailed trail description and options.  Trail page...    October, 2017.

Doctor's Dozen
The eastern half of the old Hidden Lake Lodge trail at Powder Mountain has been resurfaced and renamed. A new trailcut traverses the north slope of the mountain, then descends down to Hidden Lake. At Hidden Lake, doubletrack connects over the ridge to the lower lodge.  Trail page...    September, 2017.

Update to Powder Mountain's west side trails...
Here's the latest info on Brittain's Ribbon, Woody's World, and Paper Airplane.   Trail page...
September, 2017.

Woods Hollow is open
The Woods Hollow trail is a nice plush climbing route for your laps on Vertigo and Levitate.   Trail page...
September, 2017.

Update to the new High Star trail system in Kamas...
I've added the new one-mile side loop at the yurt to the GPS area file and the maps. High Star has 12 miles of well-constructed fun trail, most of it one-way flow.  This is a trail system that you absolutely must do.    Trail page...
August, 2017.

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New Peak View and Three Falls trails in Draper
Three Falls is open for riding, but is only complete to just above the Three Falls subdivision of Alpine (no connection!). The eastern two-mile section to Alpine Cove (near Lambert Park) is closed for subdivision construction.   Trail page...   July 2017.

Virgin River Rim Trail update
New tracks, new photos, and a video of the eastern (Pink Cliffs) loop ride using the Virgin Rim trail.   Trail page...   July 2017.

Highlands Trail at Cedar City
The last piece is in place for a continuous route from Southview to the C Overlook. Uphill out-and-back, shuttled downhill, loop ride.   Trail page...   July 2017.

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New pics and video for Big Springs.
Surprised to learn it had been 10 years since my last ride in Provo Canyon's South Fork. So it was time to spiffy up the page with new photos and a trail video.   Trail page...   June 2017.

Payson Canyon!
I've updated the Blackhawk, Jones Ranch, Rock Spring, and Shram trail pages with new photos, higher-resolution GPS tracks, and a new area topo map. Plus three Payson Canyon videos.   Blackhawk...   Jones Ranch...   Rock Spring...   Shram Creek...     June 2017.

Updated GPX area file and map for Dutch Hollow.
There have been several trail re-routes in Dutch Hollow recently, including Dutchman Way, north Sage (now Top Notch), and Boneyard. The new Flatline extends two miles north on the east side. So I have a new topo map for you to print and take along. Plus a trail video to show what the area is like!    Trail page...   June 2017.

Ross Creek at Jordanelle. Easy, fun, and scenic.
Here's a nice 3.5 mile figure-eight ride on non-treatening trail. This ride combines the new Wada Way and Keetley singletracks. Great for beginners but experienced riders will enjoy it too.    Trail page...   June, 2017.

Boy, is the gravity crowd happy! But you may be wondering if this new expert-level jumping trail is too dangerous for your own skill-set. Well, if you're a good experienced rider and want to learn to take air, this is your trail. I've added this trail to the Vertigo page. Oh, and there's a video of an old man managing to get down this trail alive.    Trail page... June, 2017.

Cliffs, rocks and great views. Not your usual Country Club.
South of Helper on Bull Mesa, a network of trails has been developed. The trailhead overlooks the Country Club, but you won't ride there nor will you drive in with your car.   Trail page...
June, 2017.

New trail in Moab!
Here's a 9.2-mile loop ride in the Horsethief area. Easy-intermediate in tech requirement; not a lot of climbing. But it's brand new, so there's a lot of loose dirt in the middle of the loop. For now, I think you'll be happier riding this on a fatty!   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Updated Wood Hill riding area...
There's a new trailhead -- with a toilet, even -- with new Solis Way trail and Bill's Sandy. Take another look at the Price riding area! Now I just need to hit those Country Club trails...    Wood Hills area trail index page...
May, 2017.

Updated Corner Canyon - Creekview page
There have been some changes in lower Corner Canyon due to pipeline construction, but it's all healed now and ready to ride. The very very old trail page for the little loop has been updated with new photos, riding instructions, and a video. PS use the underpass from the parking lot, NOT the crosswalk.  Trail page...
May, 2017.

Broken Mesa! When you really really want to break something!
I've re-worked the Broken Mesa page with new photos and updated ride description. And my awesome four-minute video will tempt you to ride a trail you're going to absolutely hate. Or not.   YouTube video...    Trail page...
May, 2017.

Windmill plus Bowls and Ledges update!
I've fleshed out the Gooseberry Mesa Windmill Trail page with fresh information and new photos. Also, a couple of trail videos.  YouTube video...    Trail page...
May, 2017.

Owen's. Another lesser-known St. George trail
Owen's Loop Trail, also known as the Bluff Street Cliffs, is a rather techy little route on the cliffs above -- guess where -- Bluff Street. The trail page has been updated, with a video for those who want to see what the trail is like.   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Paradise Rim. The best little trail you've never heard of.
I've done an update to the St. George Paradise Rim trail page. All new photos and a trail video. This really is a fun little trail, but it doesn't get much press.   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Update to the C Trail!
After 15 years, it was time to hit Cedar City's C Trail. This gem runs from the Kolob Reservoir road at 8250 feet down to the paved East Bench trail at 6000 feet. Also, a trail video on the page shows you what it's like.   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Are you Lichen It?
The Lichen It and Lava Flow trails create a loop that's great fun for riders of all abilities. Quick (just over 4 miles) and only a minute off the south Cedar City I-15 exit. See our new trail video on the updated information page.   Trail page...
April, 2017.

Lightning Switch at Cedar City
Here's the story on the latest installment of the 50-mile trail system in the Thunderbird Gardens area near Cedar City. Kind of a tough climb, and a bit of gnar on the downhill. Not a ride for the delicate. Add Thor's Hideout to this loop, and it's a satisfying bike outing.   Trail page...
April, 2017.

New Wire Mesa video...
    If you haven't done this trail yet, you need to. A great addition to the many superb trails near Hurricane.
    Wire Mesa video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Updated Thor's Hideout trail page. And a video!
    Thor's Hideout video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Battered but unbeaten. Juniper Crest trail update
    A new subdivision is being built within the middle of the Juniper Crest loop in Herriman. The trail is being "nicked" here and there by the construction, but is still very rideable and will endure as a permanent city trail.
    Juniper Crest video on YouTube...
    Herriman trail page...
April, 2017.

Offical Opening for the Valley Vista trails...
Fun riding on this well-designed and well-built system of stacked loops. In honor of the official Grand Opening, here's a video that spans 6 of the trails.
    Valley Vista video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Good Water Rim!
New video with drone footage shows that this trail is like:  singletrack near the edge of the cliff, closely hugging the rim of Good Water Canyon off the San Rafael River gorge.
    Good Water video on YouTube...

    Trail page...
April, 2017.

What about Highland Hollow?
This little trail system sits in the Dry Creek gulch along the Timpanogos Highway. The new video will show you what it's like.
    Highland Hollow video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Video for Eagle Mountain Race Loop
Wondered how this trail rides? If it's worth your time? Is it just butt-ugly high-desert desolation? So here's your answer in a three-minute video. Usually good to ride when foothill trails are muddy!
    Race Loop video on YouTube...
    Eagle Mountain Race Loop trail page...
April, 2017.


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