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Photo: Dead Horse Point, Whiptail Trail's most recent news stories...

Update to Eagle Mountain
I've added the Backspacer, Given to Fly and Wile E Coyote trails to the Treadstone trail page and the Eagle Mountain printable map.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

Dead Horse Point - west side lariat-loop video
Dodging the crowds at this state park to make it look like I'm all alone on the trail system -- this video is a bit longer than most of my trail introductions, covering four trails in a lariat loop to the rim of Shafer Canyon.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

New pics and video for Bull Run and Getaway
You may know Bull Run only as the entry to Mag 7, but there's a loop ride you should try, highly recommended by the Moab folks. Drop down Bull Run then climb back on Getaway for a fun loop. Check out the new videos for these trails.   Bull Run trail page...    Getaway trail page...    April, 2018.

Mustang Loop revisited
Some fresh photos and a new trail video will show you what this part of the Horsethief trail system is like.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

Rim Rock page update
Rim Rock has long been my favorite among the Santa Clara preserve trails. I've updated the page, plus there's a new and improved video.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

Navajo Rocks "preferred direction"
Because this trail system has become so popular, it's now recommended that riders go clockwise. This cuts down on the amount of passing required. Also, I've got a new video of the east loop.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

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Another look at Pipe Dream
You won't find big crowds on Pipe Dream in Moab. It's not Moab-y enough for either the tourists or the hard-core. And it's a bit techy for casual riders. But I've made a trail video so you know what's there.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

Mountain Biker Blues
So, did you miss the fabulous performance of the Bruce Blues Band in concert on April 1st? Here's the link to the YouTube video.   Play video on YouTube...    April, 2018.

New photos and video of June's Bottom
A bit of an adventure ride, June's Bottom is 30 dirt-road miles away from Green River. You'll need to crank some occasionally sandy brush-lined butt-ugly trail to get to the slickrock. But once you do, oh boy.   Trail page...    March, 2018.

New Athena Trail in Green River
This trail is a lot of fun. It's new and a bit raw, but you need to do it. Because it's right off the freeway exit, you can hit it on your way to Moab.   Trail page...    March, 2018.

Tempi'po'op (rock writing) trail
I've updated the trail system locally known as the Anasazi Trail for new trail names! New photos and a trail video of the gnarly eastern side of Tempi'po'op.   Trail page...    March, 2018.

Pushing Tin Loop
Short but satisfying ride on the Arizona border, just south of the St. George airport. Worth checking out while you're in the area!   Trail page...    March, 2018.

The Twist & Shout DH (an alternate line at Quail)
The trail elves have finished connecting a 0.4 mile alternate one-way line off the main Twist & Shout trail (also known as south Lakeside or Quail Connector). You'll find the info on our trail page.   Trail page...    March, 2018.

How are those videos made?
I (Bruce) get a lot of questions about what cameras I use and how I handle all that equipment out on the trail. Rather than type the same thing into the YouTube comments again and again, I've created this page so I can just copy the URL.   Video creation page...    February, 2018.

Creed and Nirvana trails in Eagle Mountain...
More great riding in Eagle Mountain. These trails span the gap between the Treadstone trail and the Pony Express Parkway. Good stuff, and virtually free of snow.   Trail page...    December, 2017.

Shuttle parking for Maple Hollow DH!
The Oak Hollow trailhead on Traverse Ridge Road is now fenced and official. As you finish the DH, you must turn right downhill and go to the BST, cross under the road, then climb up to the trailhead on the north side of the road. We hear that vehicles parked elsewhere along Traverse Ridge Road may receive tickets.   Trail page...    December, 2017.

New routing on Twilight Zone at Three Peaks
I ran into an unmarked trail fork that kinda messed me up -- I didn't know what trail I was on, all the way to the Petrified Whales - Three Peaks intersection. So my new map shows the option. Also, a trail video that will have you drooling for Three Peaks.    Trail page...    December, 2017.

Update to City Creek Trail page!
Not exactly a renowned favorite, the City Creek trail is worth doing if you're hungry to taste ALL the trails in the St. George area. It's a bit too techy for casual riders, yet too short for hardcore out-of-towners. But it's fun, and it's right on the edge of town, and it's a quick ride. And if you're curious, I made a video.    Trail page...    December, 2017.

Updated Temple Quarry Trail in St. George
This is a trail to an abandoned quarry on Black Hill used by the early settlers to harvest blocks of basalt. I can see this trail from my house, but it's been 15 years since the last time I rode it.  Trail page...    December, 2017.


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