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Photo:  Gooseberry Mesa  North Rim trail's most recent news stories...  
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"Biking Power" workout segments now available on YouTube!

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us will be doing our biking at home. So UtahMountainBiking has made Bruce's Biking Power workout available for free. Just pop up YouTube. We've split the workout into individual segments so you can do just your favorite piece, or do it all.

The YouTube links are on our Biking POWER information page.

Trailhead changes and new trail at Desert Canyons
Meditation Rock trailhead is temporarily closed for remodeling. The trail still goes through to Pushing Tin, with some new trailcuts to compensate for subdivision construction. Meantime, the new Desert Bluff trail connects Claim Jumper underneath Highway 7 to paved parking in town.   Desert Canyons trail page...  March 2020. 

Falcon Flow trail in Moab
New trail in the Sand Flats area above Moab! Bi-directional, although you'll want to do it top-to-bottom. Includes a nice trail video to show you what the riding is like!   Trail page...  March 2020. 

Two new trails open in the Alpine Foothills
Here's the dope on the Stoney Way and Heritage Hills Loop trails on the north edge of Alpine. If some of the connecting trails sound odd (Bodily Harm? Forbidden?) it's because they appear to have been renamed. Busy updating that page...   Trail page...  December 2019. 

Black Ops and Elevate near Cedar City are OPEN!
Great loop off the Turnpike Trail near the Shurtz Canyon trailhead (just south of Cedar City). Elevate is two-way; Black Ops is downhill-only.    Trail page...  November 2019. 

Kayenta PICKLEBALL trails.
Fun little trail system at Kayenta just off Old US 91. Trailbuilder Dan Cornelius is still adding trails on the eastern side. But Pickleball has enough riding options to recommend that you go explore it now. You'll need our map! Or just ride in circles until you figure it out.    Trail page...  November 2019. 

Rattle and Hum (beginner flow trail) opens on Traverse Mountain
Rattle and Hum is a super-easy downhill-only route off Woods Hollow in the south Maple Hollow area. Here's your info on how to find it and what it's like.  Trail page...  November 2019. 

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Fango is open for riding...
Fango links lower Hog Hollow to lower Mercer Hollow. It's a nice ride all by itself. It gives you a great loop when combined with Achtung Baby downhill and Mercer Hollow uphill, with Mercer Mountain finishing the loop.   Trail page...  October 2019. 

First segment of 9K trail open in Park City
Nice trail contouring the mountain at 9000 feet elevation from Empire Pass. Short ride for beginners, or part of a mean loop ride for experts. Includes a video.   Trail page...  September 2019. 

Pahvant Trails at Richfield.  First ride!
Fabulous trail system on the hillside west of Richfield! This first day's riding is on the lower trails including Kiln-It and Cairn-age. Includes a fun video to show you what it's like.   Trail page for lower Pahvant...    Page for upper Pahvant...   September 2019. 

New extension of singletrack at Bunker Creek!!!
Four new miles of trail are open at the bottom of the Bunker Creek ride. This brings the singletrack total to around 12 miles, with just a mile or so of dirt road to reach Panguitch Lake. The new bottom bit also makes a nice loop or out-and-back ride   Trail page...  September 2019. 

The 13th Hole
Yeah, there's a golf course nearby. This fun little loop is on the northeast corner of Cedar City. Makes a good "got no time to ride" trail.   Trail page...  July 2019. 

Turnpike Trail at Cedar City
They're still putting finishing touches on the middle mile of this 4.4-mile out-and-back trail, but it's open for riding. Nice cruising with plenty of mountain and very little work on your part.   Trail page...  July 2019.  

Ogden Foothill Trails -- a closer look
I've expanded the information available about the trails below the Ogden BST. The new trail page includes Mt Ogden, Par Course, Foothill Bike Trail, Blue Ribbon, Ogden Bobsled, and more.    Trail page...  July 2019.

Upper Achtung Baby
Lots of riders scratching their heads as they run across the new trail entry and exit points. We have the info. Achtung Baby is now 2 miles, starting at the underpass on Canyon Pointe, with a connector to Porcupine, and crossing Two Hollows before descending to lower Hog Hollow.    Trail page...   July 2019.

New trails at Valley Vista are open
If you try to find "Cowley's Cure" without some beta, you'll NEVER get there. Even with Trailforks on your phone, it can be tough to figure out. Why not read our trail description on the updated Valley Vista page? You'll be all set.  Trail page...  July 2019.

Rio Oso trail system!
Making a run for "real beer" and hard-core fireworks? Take your bike! UtahMountainBiking is giving honorary "home boy" status to Evanston's trail system.  Trail page...  July 2019.

365 at North Fork Park...
Fun beginner-level twisting and rolling singletrack for a lovely 2-1/2 mile loop. Connects through to Mule Shoe via a brand new connector at the top of the Pipeline trail.  365 trail page...  June 2019.

Rush Limelight and Rush Green (Beginner)...
For us old Corner Canyon riders, it just got a lot more confusing this year. Most of Creekview is gone, and what remains is one-way uphill. There are two beginner sections at the bottom of Rush, and there's the new Rush Limelight. Read up, and you'll be ready to hit lower Corner Canyon with a low WTF factor.   Lower Corner Canyon trail page...   Rush trail page...  June 2019.

The Above Abyss trail at Slickrock...
This is an official trail, but you won't find it without a bit of help. 2.3 miles of fairly plush riding -- by Slickrock standards -- and a few nice views. Map and GPS, of course, plus a detailed description of how to find it. And a video to decide if it's worth looking for.    Trail page...     May 2019.

"The Bruce Blues Band"
Those insane mountain biking songs that appear regularly on the UMB facebook page?   I've put links to some of the videos using these songs on the Goodies section "Video index page" of this website.  Or go to the YouTube channel and select the Bruce Blues Band playlist.  And if you want the songs themselves, they're available on CD or as mp3s in our  Goodies "Biker Blues" section!

How are those trail videos made?
I (Bruce) get a lot of questions about what cameras I use and how I handle all that equipment out on the trail. Rather than type the same answers on YouTube or Facebook again and again, I've created this page so I can just copy the URL.   Go to "How I do Video"  page...    


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