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Photo:  Red Canyon Rim, Flaming Gorge

St George Airport Trails!
Here's the info on this trail system, popular with locals but hard for northerners to find. These trails hug the western side of the bluff near the new airport. Trails range from easy to expert, with plenty of rock and views. Trail page now includes a video.  Trail page...  February 2021. 

New stuff makes Pahvant even more awesome
I've fleshed out my pages on the Pahvant trail system to include 2020's new trails: Tank Run, Big Red, Telegraph, lower Faulty, One-in-a-Pinion, and Spinal Tap.  Lower Pahvant trail page...    Upper Pahvant page...    October 2020. 

Vista Ridge -- nice local loop ride PLUS another descending option from Three Falls!
Just completed, the Vista Ridge trail is already seeing heavy traffic. And that's partly because it's a nice ride with great views. But it's also because Bodily Harm is temporarily closed so locals are using this as their Three Falls connection.  Trail page...  October 2020. 

9K Trail now 5.2 miles from Empire Pass to Blazing Saddles
The second section of Park City's 9K is open for riding. Out-and-back for intermediates and strong beginners; loop options for the hard-core! Great views, nice alpine riding.    Trail page...  October 2020. 

Lolo's Loop and the "Traverse Traverse" to Corner Canyon
Got some updates on the Traverse Mountain trail system for you! Mo-mentum is now connected to Ann's Trail via a 3.4 mile singletrack, and Lolo's loop is getting a lot of attention. Very nice non-technical riding here!  Trail page...  October 2020. 

Info on Pine Canyon expert Flow Trail and Bike Park
Here's the dope on Happy Camper, the pump track, and three flow trails (easy, intermediate, expert) in Wasatch Mountain State Park above Midway. Highly recommend.  Trail page...  June 2020. 

Little Canyon Singletrack re-routed
A new lower end for Little Canyon ST starts about 0.2 miles below the Great Escape trail fork. The trail heads 0.8 miles over to the Gemini Bridges road -- a new route for riders doing the "mini Mag 7" and heading out via Gemini. The last section of Little Canyon is now officially part of the Gold Bar Singletrack.  Trail page...  June 2020. 

Traverse Mountain "Loop A" will be named "Mo-mentum"
The first of two higher-elevation loops off the Sensei trail is done! And it's already fine riding. Mo-mentum is 2.4 miles long and adds about 200 vertical feet to your climbing. I recommend the 9-mile lariat ride from the water-tank trailhead.  Trail page...  June 2020. 

Extension of Arth's trail!
At the end of Arth's Corner on Metal Masher, Arth's has been extended 1.7 miles down to the Gemini Bridges road just above Gold Bar. New loop options! Plus a new alternate line for riding the Mag 7.  Trail page...  June 2020. 

Fango extension to Woods Hollow
New this spring is a 1.3 mile route from Fango in Mercer Hollow uphill and across Suncrest Drive to Woods Hollow. The trail is split in half by a 100-yard segment of 4-lane highway, so some riding directions are in order.  Trail page...  June 2020. 

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Update to the Blackridge (Herriman) trails
I've added info about the new Rawhide and Hardlick trails -- found at the top of Eric's or Mustang -- to the Blackridge area trail page. New maps and GPS tracks.   Trail page...  May 2020. 

Here's the dope on the new south-end trails at Eagle Mountain
Got some new riding options off the Deadwood trail. Your choice of two climbing routes to the top of Eastwood -- swoopy and flowy -- and Fistful of Dollars -- steeper, straighter, and gnarlier! New maps, new GPS tracks added to the Lake Mountain trail page.  Trail page...  May 2020. 

Spanish Oaks: ALL OPEN
The Red Knoll Run DH and climbing trail are now open for riding, even as finishing touches are done. See our trail page for detailed info on the trails!   Trail page...  May 2020. 

Updated info for the new trails at Eagle Rise in Mantua!
Photos and trail description for the North 600 loop and the newer Upper North 600, as well as current status of Phillip's Playground jump-line.   Trail page...  May 2020. 

"The Bruce Blues Band"
Those insane mountain biking songs that appear regularly on the UMB facebook page?   I've put links to some of the videos using these songs on the Goodies section "Video index page" of this website.  Or go to the YouTube channel and select the Bruce Blues Band playlist.  And if you want the songs themselves, they're available on CD or as mp3s in our  Goodies "Biker Blues" section!

How are the trail videos made?
I (Bruce) get a lot of questions about what cameras I use and how I handle all that equipment out on the trail. Rather than type the same answers on YouTube or Facebook again and again, I've created this page so I can just copy the URL.   Go to "How I do Video"  page...    


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