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Suggested advertising packages:

*  Quick ad
SINGLE home-page half-banner or 3/4 banner within news feed for up to 6 months.
For upcoming events, product launches, quick promo.
*  Regional trails
          $300 and up
Your linked half-banner on every trail page within a geographic region. Guaranteed minimum of 20 pages. One-year renewable. 6-month presence on home page news feed. Moab (over 90 pages) $600, Park City (over 50 pages) $450. Contact us for a quote for your intended region.
Suggested for guide services, bike shops, and other regional businesses.
*  Fix-it pages
Your linked half-banner on every repair page (over 50) on this site.  One-year renewable.  Full-width banner for $500.
Our fix-it pages are a leading resource for bike repair, used around the world. 
Reach customers who may buy bike parts and tools.
*  First-aid pages
Your linked half-banner on every first-aid page (over 50) on this site. One-year renewable.  Full-width banner for $500.
Our first aid pages are highly ranked and widely used by non-cyclists!
Suggested for consumer medical products.
*  Custom package
          $500 and up
Customized package of 20 page placements of linked half-banner plus presence in news feed of home page. One-year renewable. Full-width banner for $600. Ask about prices for broader custom advertising.
You may select the pages, or allow us to choose appropriate pages for you.
For advertisers wanting general exposure.
*  Racing package
One full year of exposure to racers. Your linked half-banner will appear within each race report, plus the home page news feed and the racing index pages.
For those seeking elite cyclists with money:  bike lines, high-end parts, bike shops.

How do I make it happen?

*  Art work Send us your art as an attachment by email.  Suggested size for a half-banner is 400 pixels (or less) width by 110 pixels (or less) height. Not an expert? We'll crop or resize for you, or even add text to a banner.
*  Contact info Email our editor,
or call the UtahMountainBiking store at 801-653-2689.
*  Payment Paypal or credit card, or mail us an old-fashioned check. Tell us how you want to pay, and we'll make it happen.

Need to know more?

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- about our readers
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- look at sample banners of present and past advertisers
Banner ad templates
- some blank art work ready for you to add text
Questions?  Call Mad Scientist Software at 801-653-2689. Or email us.